The rusted trailer!

My husband and I have known Paul for several years now, we meet him re-guarding a suit my Great Uncle was involved in and have stayed in contact since( 6-7 years). My husband and I took in what we thought was a friend in off the street to help out and ended up in a bad situation. Long story starts now, my husband helped the guy haul a trailer to the junk yard (gaining nothing more then fuel money) believing him when he said he had permission from his girlfriends(was present) parents from the family owned property( no tickets in my husbands name, it was in theirs) to find out with in weeks that they both were hooked on heroin, I turned them into social services(they had a new baby), said friend and his girlfriend had a falling out and she tells Daddy that her babies dad and my husband stole some stuff from their property…..The night mare for my family starts here, my husband is charged with receiving stolen property over ten thousand dollars, I called Paul, he moved fast to have my husband released from jail (thank god)! My husband ends up taking the alford peal( meaning taking deal but refusal to admit guilt ) and agrees to diversion for 3 years( no more money to keep fighting and just wore out at this point) thinking that all will be ok and we can move on with our lives, WRONG! My husband is to report to probation monthly and they want all guns removed from house, we live in a split family home with my father all guns were in my fathers living quarters, and we had no access to), blah blah blah he is rearrested when Probation goes back on their word that they will come out and look at the house and then make a decision! All this happens a mist my father becoming very ill and being in the hospital having two surgeries within four days, Paul knew I had to have my husbands help , I work two jobs and have a child at home, my father is being released from the hospital with the understanding someone will be with him 24 hrs, Thanks to Paul and his big heart I have my husband everyday out on furloughs to help care for my father until this all can be resolved hopefully by the grace of God! Paul has received calls and texts from me around the clock with questions and fear, he offers all the help he can and more! I would tell anyone in a bad spot as we are to call him! He is very caring and takes his job above and beyond what is excepted of him!