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Toxic Torts

Two chimneys spewing pollution into the air at nightYour home and work environment should be safe places to reside and function on a daily basis. Unfortunately, for some individuals, this is not always the case. Toxic chemicals, substances or pollution can exist inside our homes or offices undetected until someone becomes ill from exposure to these dangers. Toxic tort refers to the type of personal injury lawsuit that needs to be filed when you or someone you love has suffered injuries or disease due to unsafe chemical exposure.

Common Examples and Types of Toxic Torts

There are multiple ways in which harmful substances can become part of your home or work environment, including:

  • Lead-based paint often found in older homes, apartments or office buildings, lead-based paint is especially harmful to children. Small children may consume paint chips from placing their mouth on window sills or other painted items. Lead paint particles can also be inhaled through dust. Children can suffer severe learning disabilities and other problems from lead-based paint.
  • Chemical exposure – leakage from nearby gasoline or chemical holding tanks that have not been properly maintained can create toxic exposure that may lead to injury or illness. These leaks may go undetected for long periods of time and can seep into the water table and contaminate drinking water. Harmful fumes can also drift from a leaking tank and cause illnesses.
  • Pesticides or other toxins – water and air can easily become contaminated when proper care is not used with pesticides. However, this type of toxic tort can be extremely difficult to prove and successfully argue. Defendants can claim that they did not know of the toxins or deny responsibility. Workers who handle pesticides on a regular basis must be instructed in safety prior to handling these chemicals. An employer who fails to properly educate their employees can be responsible for injuries or illnesses that arise from pesticides.
  • Asbestos – once commonly used in building homes and offices, asbestos can be very damaging to your lungs. Proper removal of all asbestos materials can be costly. If you become ill from asbestos exposure, medical bills can mount quickly.

Toxic torts cases present many challenges, but have increased in recent years because more and more environmental problems have created concern among the general public.

The Science Behind Toxic Torts Claims

At Dickman Law Offices, P.S.C., our Kentucky and Ohio toxic torts lawyers understand the science that goes into constructing a successful toxic tort. Attorney Paul J. Dickman was an environmental scientist prior to beginning his law career. He has a unique perspective and knowledge of this legal arena and can offer insight that most lawyers are unaware of. We are committed to helping the victims of toxic exposure to secure the compensation they deserve for the injuries they have suffered. Let us use our knowledge of the law and environmental science to help you find real relief.

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Attorney Paul J. Dickman principal from the Dickman Law Office P.S.C. standing at his deskIf you or a loved one has been exposed to toxic substances such as lead, asbestos or some other type of harmful chemical, you need to take immediate action to ensure that your rights are protected. Our toxic torts team has the background and experienced counsel you need to recover just compensation for your injuries. Turn to the experienced Covington personal injury attorneys of Dickman Law Offices, P.S.C., in for your toxic torts claims. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 1-800-611-PAUL or contact us online.

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