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If you came home and found a domestic protective order against you, it is important that you talk to an experienced domestic violence criminal defense attorney before speaking with anyone else, including police, child protective services, friends, or family. Protect yourself against charges of spousal abuse or domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence Filing Process

Charges of domestic violence can be filed by a spouse, child, relative, girlfriend, or boyfriend, and do not require any evidence beyond the testimony of the accuser. Most often, these charges result in the judge granting an emergency protective order (EPO) against the accused abuser.

Whether accused of violent assault, stalking, or another offense, the accused has a right to a hearing within fourteen days of the issuance of the EPO. If the court finds no evidence of violence at the hearing, the EPO will be lifted, but if the court finds otherwise, the EPO may be converted to a domestic violence order.

An emergency restraining order or domestic violence order can require the accused to move out of his or her home, restrict visitation and custody, and prohibit the accused from calling or even coming within a certain distance of the alleged victim.

Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence includes sexual abuse, assault, battery, marital rape, or any action that causes the alleged victim to fear physical injury.  It is important that these charges be handled properly, since if the matter arises again in connection with divorce proceedings or criminal assault charges, the court’s prior verdict will bear on the current proceedings.

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