Case Results

Settled case for $4.75 Million

800 individuals in Latonia Kentucky regarding toxic exposure to chemical fumes from nearby factory. Read More

Case settled for $300,000.00

Truck Driver sustained leg injuries when hit by speeding motorist.

Case Settled for $450,000.00

Elderly woman victimized by local Bank employees

Case settled for $335,000.00

Local woman suffered minor back and leg injuries when hit by semi

Case settled for $80,000.00

Family exposed to Chlorine gas when utility tank ruptured.

Installation of Multi-Million Dollar Sound Reduction Technology

Family lived near large drywall production plant and had claims of excessive noise and interference with their property.  Defendants agreed to install multi-million dollar sound reduction technology.

Case settled for $200,000.00

Family exposed to gasoline fumes after leaking tanks contaminated property.

Case settled for $80,000.00 in Personal Injury Case

Local maritime captain who lost a finger in a boating accident.

Structured Settlement Worth $75,000

Minor thrown from car sustaining back and leg injuries. Case settled through a structured settlement with a present day value of $75,000.00.  Minor scheduled to receive period payments throughout her life.

Obtained $165,000.00 judgment in Kenton Circuit Court

Local woman defrauded by investor through Ponzi scheme.  Obtained $165,000.00 judgment in Kenton Circuit Court in $35,000.00 in interest.

Case Settled for policy limits of $50,000.00

Elderly woman suffered broken arm after being t-boned in an intersection in Gallatin County, Ky.

Flooding and Drainage Issues Case

Residents of local condominium complex brought suit against adjoining property owner for flooding and drainage issues.  Case was settled resulting Defendants redirecting all surface waters which stopped flooding.

Nursing Home Negligence Case

Plaintiffs in class case against nursing home for deplorable conditions, neglect, and mistreatment of patients. Nursing home was closed down and case settled for confidential amount. Read More

Case settled for $350,000.00 in Premises Liability Case

Local contractor who fell into concealed opening in public building and sustained back injuries.

Case settled for policy limits of $50,000.00 plus payment of medical bills

Female motorcyclist hit by inattentive driver sustained back and leg injuries. 

Confidential Structured Settlement Reached

Minor plaintiff sustained facial injuries after being bit in face by unleashed dog.

Case Settled For $45,000.00 Plus Medical Bills

Student was improperly instructed on use of hydraulic nail gun, resulting in being shot in torso with 4 inch steel nail.

Case Settled For $50,000.00 in Bus Accident Case

Passenger was injured while riding in greyhound bus that was sideswiped by tractor trailer in snow storm near Carrolton, Ky.

Case Settled for $50,000.00 in Truck Accident Case

Woman injured when her car was run off road by tractor trailer, sustaining lower back injuries.

Case Settled for Policy Limits of $100.000.00 Plus Payment of Medical Bills

Represented young woman who sustained fractured sternum in car wreck after being hit head on.

Represented Local Emergency Room Nurse charged with 3rd Degree Rape (Felony), Sexual Abuse (Felony), Unlawful Transaction with a Minor and Trafficking in a Legend Drug (both Misdemeanors)

The accusations were that he gave a 14 year old girl alcohol, had sex with her, then gave her the morning after pill the next day. During the trial it was discovered that the “victim” had apparently engaged in sexual relations earlier that same night with a very close friend of the defendant. The “victim” refused to be examined by the SANE Nurse, and changed her story on many occasions. The main evidence against the Defendant was a series of text messages back and forth between the Defendant and the alleged victim. After a four day trial the Jury was deadlocked, with 8 people voting to acquit and 4 people voting to convict on the felony rape and sexual abuse charges. [NOTE: several months later the same Defendant retuned to Court and was represented by the “Bulldog” Eric Deters. The case resulted in a conviction and a seven year prison sentence}. Read more about the case in: WCPO Cincinnati PR Web

Represented Local Man Who Wrecked a Motorcycle After Leaving a Bar in Burlington

After he wrecked his bike a passerby stopped and told police he was weaving and based upon that she thought he was drunk. Based upon the fact that he had just left a bar and also on the witnesses comment, he was charged with DUI. His credit card showed that he had consumed two beers in a two hour period. At the scene he sustained a fractured ankle and other injuries. A bench trial was held on the case. At trial the officer admitted that the Defendant was injured and that he was unable to perform any field sobriety tests. Although the officer testified that the Defendant refused a blood alcohol test, that fact was disputed at trial. The judge found him NOT GUILTY.

Represented Horse Cave, Kentucky Man Accused of First Degree Murder

he facts showed that he was drinking and cooking out with a longtime acquaintance one night in Horse Cave, Hart County, Kentucky. After the two had consumed alcohol an argument ensued. When the fight was over the friend was dead, stabbed over seven times in the chest and thorax. Our client was charged with Fist Degree Murder, facing life in prison. Dickman Law Office commenced a thorough investigation into the case and concluded that the case looked more like self-defense that murder. Dickman Law Office filed a Motion to Dismiss and a Motion for a Probable Cause Hearing as authorized under KRS 503.055., KRS 03.080, KRS 503.085, arguing that the Defendant was immune from prosecution under a theory of self-defense. Although the self-defense theory was viable, and the facts supported it, the Defendant recognized the risks in going to trial After months of pretrial wrangling, the Defendant agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter, and agree do to serve seven years. The hard part about the case was that these two were friends. At the sentencing the Defendant wept openly in Court apologizing to the members of the victims family and saying that he missed.  

Represented Boone County Man Charged With 1st Degree Rape

The “victim” was his estranged wife. She claimed that he raped her in their home. The evidence showed that over the years she had repeatedly warned him…”I’m gonna out rape charges on you!”. Dickman Law Offices commenced a detailed investigation into the accusations and all of the parties. The ”victim” was found to have told multiple, conflicting stories to police. Her stories didn’t match up with the physical evidence. For example, she claimed that the Defendant barged his way into the apartment, but the building was equipped with a security system that would have prevented it. When confronted with that fact she changed her story and said that she let him into the building. The Defendant also agreed to a confidential polygraph test. Based upon the conflicting testimony of the “victim” and the overwhelming amount of evidence contradicting the ‘victims” story, prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge to 4th degree assault. The Defendant was sentenced to time served and was released.

Represented 60 Year Old Woman in 2012 Accused of An Arson That Occurred in 1997

The case involved a 1997 fire at renowned and, allegedly haunted, Bobby Mackey’s Night club in Wilder, Kentucky. The Defendant was with her now estranged, and violent, husband at the time. He had left the bar in a rage that night and promised retaliation. With her in the car, and over her objections, he drove back to the club and lit it on fire using gasoline and some rags. Over her objections, he fled from the scene. They were both eventually arrested. She cooperated and testified at the grand jury on behalf of the Commonwealth Prosecutors. Mistakenly believing that they had dropped the charges against her, she moved to Indiana and started a new life. He was convicted and served 10 years in prison. Fourteen years later, she was contacted by police who advised her that there was a warrant out for her arrest for the incident and that she was being charged with First Degree Arson. After a long battle, Dickman Law Office was eventually able to demonstrate to the prosecutors that she was an unwilling participant, that she helped convict her ex-husband and that she had a good faith belief that all charges were dropped over a decade ago. The case was resolved through a diversion agreement where she received no felony charges and was able to move on with her life.

Represented Local Iraqi War Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient Charged With Manslaughter in Kenton County.

Defendant was facing 20 years in prison. The case stemmed from a fatal car wreck in Northern Kentucky following a night of drinking. After a four day jury trial the Defendant was acquitted of all charges. Read More

Represented Local Woman Charged With Drug Trafficking in Campbell County, Kentucky

 Defendant was facing 10 years in prison. Prosecutors claimed that she had formed the intent to sell heroin and cocaine based solely upon the amount of drugs that were allegedly in her possession. After a three day trial the jury found her not guilty of trafficking but guilty of possession of the drugs. The jury recommended one year in jail.

Represented Local Real Estate Developer Charged with Driving Under the Influence in Boone County, Kentucky

The Defendant had refused all field sobriety tests and breath tests. He was pulled over for crossing the center line and was also charged with reckless driving. After a one day jury trial the Court found him Not Guilty on all counts.

Represented Kenton County Defendant on Felony Charges of Trafficking in Ecstasy and Trafficking in Marijuana while in Possession of a Handgun

The handgun was in the trunk and was used by the Defendant for target practice. The Defendant had over 80 Ecstasy pills and several ounces of marijuana in his vehicle. Defendant was facing 20 years in prison. After successfully moving the Court to limit any testimony about the presence of the handgun, a four day jury trial followed. The jury came back with a simple possession verdict. The jury deadlocked on the issue of whether or not the handgun was related to the charge. Prosecutors ultimately agreed to diversion and the Defendant served no time.

Represented Defendant in Boone County, Kentucky charged with Wanton Endangerment 1st degree, a Class D felony, facing 5 years in prison.

Prosecutors claimed that he fired a handgun twice at a person on his property. A review of the forensic evidence showed that the gun was fired into the ground instead of at the head of the victim as claimed. Prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge to Wanton Endangerment 2ndDegree (misdemeanor) and an agreed upon sentence of one year probation.

Represented Local Marine in United States Federal Court, Eastern District of Kentucky Charged With Embezzlement of Over $500,000.00 Form Employer

Defendant was facing 30 years in prison. After a thorough investigation into the facts of the case and intense negotiations with the United States Attorney, a plea agreement was reached. The Defendant was sentenced to three years.

Represented Defendant Charged in Kenton County With Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Defendant blew a 0.85 on the breathalyzer test. After a one day trial the jury found him not guilty.

Represented Panamanian citizen charged with DUI in Kenton County

After Dickman Law Office investigated the case it was determined that the officer had no reason to stop her. Following a successful suppression hearing wherein the Judge found that the stop was unconstitutional, the Defendant pleaded guilty to reckless driving and paid a minimal fine.

Represented a Boone County Defendant charged with 7 felony counts of 1st degree Wanton Endangerment who was facing up to 20 years in prison

After a successful investigation and advocacy by Dickman Law Office, prosecutors agreed to dismiss all felony counts and amend the charge to reckless driving. The Defendant was fined and served no jail time. The Defendant was facing up to 10 years in prison. After a thorough investigation into the facts of the case and advocacy to the Courts, the Judge sentenced the Defendant to a license suspension and community service.

Represented Defendant Charged in Kenton County, Kentucky with Cultivation of Marijuana After He Was Found to Have 80 Marijuana Plants Growing in His Basement in Covington, Kentucky

Police confiscated growing lights and other growing hardware. After a one day trial the Court found him guilty of possession of marijuana. The key to the verdict was the prosecutor’s inability to establish the Defendant’s intent to sell the marijuana. The court sentenced the defendant to one year probation.

Represented a Pendleton County, Kentucky Defendant on 2nd degree assault charges, which was a felony

The Defendant was facing 5 years in prison. After interviewing witnesses and the alleged victim Dickman Law Offices presented affidavits and evidence to Prosecutors. After reviewing the affidavits the prosecutors amended the charge to misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. The Defendant was sentenced to a fine with no jail time.

Represented a Grant County, Kentucky Defendant charged with 1st Degree Arson, a First Degree Felony, based upon allegations that the Defendant deliberately set fire to his truck to collect insurance proceeds

Defendant was facing 20 years to life. Prosecutors claimed that the Defendant confessed to the crime. After a Motion to Suppress was filed contesting the constitutionality of the confession, the Prosecutors agreed to amend the charge to misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. He was fined and served no jail time.

Represented Defendant in Henry County, Kentucky felony charges of Promoting Contraband in the First Degree, a Class D Felony carrying a penalty of up to five years in prison

 The case stemmed from the Defendant allegedly placing Salvia in a container and delivering it to her son in jail. Dickman Law Office successfully negotiated a resolution wherein Prosecutors amended the charge to 2ndDegree Promoting Contraband, a misdemeanor. The client was sentenced to conditionally discharged time and paid a small fine.

Represented a Kenton County Defendant charged with Promoting Prostitution after he was alleged to have exchanged a gas card for sexual favors in a hotel in Ft. Wright, Kentucky

After successful advocacy by Dickman Law Office the prosecutor agreed to diversion and the case was dismissed. The charge was ultimately expunged from his record.

Represented a Kenton County Defendant who was charged with three counts of Unlawful Use of Electronic Means to induce a Minor to Engage in Sexual or other Prohibited Activity

These are D felonies. The Defendant was facing up to 15 years in prison. Dickman Law Office negotiated with prosecutors and after a lengthy debate over the admissibility of certain pieces of evidence prosecutors agreed to a plea on one count and a prison sentence of 3 years, and sent in to counseling.

Represented local county official in Campbell County, Kentucky District Court, after he allegedly over indulged and walked into the wrong home in the idle of the night and fell asleep on a strangers couch

He was charged with Criminal Trespass in the First Degree, Public Intoxication, and Disorderly Conduct. After successful negotiation by Dickman Law Office the Defendant was given diversion and the charges were eventually dismissed, and his record was expunged.

Represented a Rowan County, Kentucky Defendant on Unlawful Possession of a Methamphetamine Precursor, a Class D Felony

She was facing 5 years in prison. The claim was based upon her purchases of Pseudoephedrine at various drug stores. Dickman Law Office successfully advocated for the client and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charges through a diversion agreement. The charges were dismissed and her record was expunged.

Successfully challenged a guilty plea to Kidnapping and Terroristic Threatening in Hamilton County

The Defendant had pleaded guilty in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court to the charges and was serving 8 years at Chillicothe Correctional institute in Chillicothe, Ohio. He contacted Dickman Law Offices afterhe was already sentenced. Dickman Law Office moved the court to set aside the guilty plea as it was not given freely. After a hearing on the merits of the case the Court threw out the guilty plea. Subsequently the case was renegotiated and the Defendant was given a 2 year sentence.