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Attorney Paul J. Dickman presenting his case to the judge in courtAn appeal is a legal proceeding that can take place when an undesirable ruling has been made by a judge or a jury. Filing for an appeal is simply asking the court to re-evaluate the case and consider a different outcome. Individuals, under the United States Constitution, have the right to appeal a trial decision if they have been found guilty of a crime.

The appeals process does not necessarily mean the evidence in the case will be reconsidered, but that the decision-making process that led the jury or judge to conclude you were guilty will be evaluated to ensure it was fair and lawful. To appeal a court ruling, you must meet requirements to prove that you were aggrieved by the decision; meaning a decision has been made against you that negatively impacted your legal rights.

There are strict time limits for the taking of legal action in such cases, so do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 1-800-611-PAUL for a free consultation.

Criminal Appeals to Right a Wrong

When innocent individuals are falsely convicted of a crime they did not commit, a criminal appeal is necessary to right the wrong. Many criminal appeal lawyers are unwilling to put the energy into properly handling an appeal as it can require tedious and extensive research to develop a case that pinpoints every error and mistake that occurred during the initial trial to successfully get an appeal. Dickman Law is very qualified to professionally and aggressively handle an appeal for clients who have suffered a wrongful conviction or received an unfair penalty from the court. Our appeals team has the necessary resources to effectively research any and all procedural errors, misconduct or errors related to points of law that may have been involved in your conviction.

The following errors in a court case could warrant a criminal appeal for a class A or class B felony:

  • Incorrectly charged
  • Police procedure error
  • Tainted evidence
  • Faulty trial procedures
  • Non-credible resources used by the prosecution
  • Omission of evidence on the part of the:

Delayed Jail Time While Waiting for Criminal Appeal

With certain circumstances, a convicted person will be released from custody pending a decision from a Kentucky appellate court. There are time restrictions for appeals, so it is imperative to begin an appeal or motion for post-conviction relief as soon as possible following a conviction.

Covington Criminal Appeals Attorney

Upon conviction, you may feel hopeless. Dickman Law has decades of experience in developing criminal appeals cases to protect their clients’ rights. If you feel you may be entitled to a criminal appeal, contact our lawyers at our firm for a free consultation. We serve Kentucky and Ohio communities, including Covington, Newport, and Fort Thomas.