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Drugs cupped in a handAt our Covington, Kentucky, criminal defense firm, attorney Paul J. Dickman, knows what to do in order to provide clients with skilled and aggressive defense against drug charges. As your lawyer and your legal advocate, he will challenge both the evidence used against you, and the police procedure utilized, while making a compelling argument to the judge and jury on your behalf.  Give yourself a chance to hear “not guilty” – contact an experienced drug possession criminal defense attorney for a free consultation.

Our lawyer will challenge evidence used by the prosecution

Drug possession, as defined by Kentucky law, means the drugs are in your custody and under your control. A conviction must be based on concrete evidence legally acquired through proper police procedure. As your criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Dickman, will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the charges and aggressively challenge the prosecutor at every turn. If there is a conviction, he will work for a treatment option rather than jail time. Only with a resolute defense from an experienced legal advocate like Paul J. Dickman will you see the best outcome possible.

In a recent case our lawyer was able to prove that our client was not aware of the drugs under the seat of a borrowed car. Charges of possession were dismissed.

Drug possession defense for Kentucky & Ohio

At Dickman Law Offices, our lawyer provides defense against possession and drug trafficking charges for clients from Covington, Newport, Fort Mitchell, Florence, Alexandria and other Kentucky and Ohio communities. We handle drug charges involving controlled substances such as: marijuana, hashish, cocaine and crack cocaine, methamphetamine, barbiturates, and other stimulants, heroin, prescription narcotics, including oxycontin, and other opiates and hallucinogens (LSD). If you were arrested or charged with possession, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will see that your rights are preserved.

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Attorney Paul J. Dickman standing at his desk at the Dickman Law OfficeIf you have been arrested, are under investigation, or have been charged with a drug crime call 800-611-PAUL or e-mail our law office for a free consultation with an experienced drug possession criminal defense attorney. We will respond promptly to protect your rights.

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