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Person being handcuffedThe juvenile system, when functioning as intended, is designed to provide youthful offenders with an opportunity to turn their lives around and enter adult life without a criminal record. However, if a young person is charged with a juvenile crime and the matter is not handled properly, the consequences can be life changing. Our juvenile offenses lawyer at Dickman Law Firm has extensive experience in representing children and adolescents charged with juvenile crimes.

Has your child been charged with a juvenile offense?

Make sure that he or she has a lawyer present when speaking with police or prosecutors. Contact our Covington firm for a free consultation with juvenile crime attorney Paul J. Dickman. Call 1-800-611-PAUL.

Types of Crimes

Attorney Paul J. Dickman represents juveniles facing charges for a wide range of offenses in Kentucky and the greater Cincinnati, Ohio areas:

When Children Face the Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is often confusing and frightening to young people. Unsure of their surroundings, they may make statements to police or prosecutors, which can permanently and irreversibly damage their cases. During your free consultation, we will explain the possible outcomes for a juvenile crime conviction, tell you exactly what to expect, and offer strategies for juvenile court.

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Attorney Paul J. Dickman principal from the Dickman Law Office P.S.C. talking to the judgeJuvenile court proceedings are completely confidential, meaning the hearings are private, and juvenile criminal records may be expunged. There are excellent juvenile diversionary programs available as alternatives to jail or prison, but if the case is handled improperly, the young person may be tried as an adult, possibly facing far more serious consequences than necessary.

If your child has been arrested, is under investigation, or has been charged with a juvenile offense call 1-800-611-PAUL or contact us for a free consultation. At Dickman Law, we represent young people from Covington, Newport, Fort Thomas, and other Kentucky/Ohio communities, as well as the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.