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Black gun with gold bullets Gun crimes are among the most frequently prosecuted criminal charges in Kentucky and Ohio. Individuals charged with any gun crime — especially those with a felony on their record — face severe penalties if convicted.  If you are facing gun charges, contact a criminal defense lawyer. Dickman Law Offices can defend your rights and fight on your behalf. For more information, contact a felony gun charge criminal defense attorney us or call 1-800-611-PAUL.

Felony Possession Firearm

Attorney Paul J. Dickman provides gun charge defense to clients charged with a range of crimes, including the following:

  • Illegal possession of a concealed weapon
  • Assault with a firearm
  • Possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes
  • Unlicensed possession of a firearm

Possession While Committing Other Crimes

In Kentucky:

  • It is legal to carry a shotgun or rifle
  • It is legal to carry a handgun with a permit

However, when an individual is in possession of a firearm and he or she has committed a crime, the penalties for the applicable crime can be enhanced. For example, if an individual is in possession of a firearm and marijuana, he or she could be facing enhanced penalties, even though the only crime being committed is being in possession of illegal drugs.

Any crime — from speeding to theft — is enhanceable if the defendant is in possession of a firearm. As criminal defense lawyers, our aim is to save our clients from a firearm enhancement and the penalties that ensue. Each issue can and should be dealt with separately.

Contact a Felony Gun Charges Attorney

Attorney Paul J. Dickman principal from the Dickman Law Office P.S.C. standing at his deskIf you are a convicted felon, many of your rights have been taken away. Besides losing your right to vote and losing your license, you have also lost your right to possess a weapon.  It is a crime for a convicted felon to possess a weapon. If you have been charged with illegal possession, you need an experienced, aggressive gun charge defense to protect your rights in a critical time. Contact a felony gun charge criminal defense lawyer.

Our Cincinnati gun possession lawyers can help you seek the best possible outcome in your case, which may involve a trial before a jury or a judge. For gun charge defense in the Kentucky and greater Cincinnati, Ohio areas, please call 1-800-611-PAUL or contact our firm.