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If you get charged with a felony in ky you need Paul Dickman on your side. He is worth every penny he charges. He will do everything he tells you he will. He's always available to talk or text which most lawyers won't give u the time of day. Don't make a mistake and not choose Paul. I first hired another attorney for less money. I fired him after the first court date. I then called Paul and he and his team got my charges reduced to a misdemeanor.

- Nate 02/11/2024

One of the best lawyers !!

He’s done so much for me while we still fight to get things settled for my case .. he’s got my workmans comp back on track a few times and I’m so pleased and appreciative for all he’s done for me !! The BEST!! Thank you so much Paul!!

- Tamara 10/03/2023

Great attorney

Very pleased with the two cases he represented me on. One being a burglary 1st which he got down it to a burglary 3rd on probation. The other being a probation violation from the new charge I got which got ran concurrent with the probation from the new charge. I went from facing ten plus years to five years on probation. Also I could always get ahold of him anytime of day and on weekends.

- anonymous 06/27/2023

Criminal defense

This man has been helpin me get out this mix he they guy to go to good prices and he really cares about you as a person not jus because he is gettin paid to do so.

- Luis 03/29/2023

My Experience

Well I would have to give it to Paul. He did get me the best deal possible. He is very confident in his ability’s and well spoken. Only con I could give him was that he didn’t reach out to me. I always had to initiate conversations. But other than that. Always converted law/lawyer talk to English. Also always a nice guy in person and never lied me. Would highly recommend Mr. Paul Dickman for any criminal case.

- Ryan 02/17/2023

Don’t look further as this guy is a saver

I wish nobody to have issues with the law but if it happens Mr Dickman is gonna give you the real help. This was my experience with him. I truly recommend him to everyone in need.

- Muharrem 02/14/2023


Paul dickman took my case. He was very knowledgeable and professional. And treated me with respect I highly recommend Mr. Dickman

- Rick 01/27/2023

Lawyer DUI

Police pulled me over because of someone behind me reported me driving drunk. I refused a blood test and took a breathalyzer. Paul used what they had and got me a careless driving and maybe could of gotten less but I took the careless driving. He worked with me on payments that I all made and answered all questions I had.

- anonymous 11/20/2022

Best attorney I've ever worked with!

Not only did Paul completely get all my charges thrown out. He drove around for a complete day to get me out of jail. He went above and beyond for me because he believed in the case he wasn't in it just for the money. I highly recommend hiring him if anybody ever needs him.

- Shawn 11/16/2022

The right attorney for any situation

I have hired Paul a couple times for help and everytime he came through for me. He's a man of his word and got me the outcome I needed both times like he said he would. If you are ever in need of legal representation, Paul Dickman is the man to call hands down.

- Ej 09/30/2022

Best lawyer in KY

Paul was very calm, cool, and collected throughout my whole case. Collecting all the evidence in the case and using it to my advantage by making sure the judge understood that I was the the passenger in the car and that the Marijuana in the car was not on my person as well as none of the drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.

- Jaydon 09/28/2022

thank you!!!

If it was not for Paul getting me in Brighton Recovery Center i do not think i would be living the amazing happy sober successful life im living today!! he fights for his clients in all the right ways and truly cares about you!! i will be forever grateful for him and i recommend him to everyone!! thank you so much Paul!!

- Erica 09/27/2022

Stop your search now!!!!!

Paul is hands down amazing! He got my Felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time or probation! Would recommend and totally worth the money. Easy to get ahold of and made to feel like you are the only case he is working on! Thanks again Paul!

- Shannon 09/21/2022

Best attorney there is!

Paul is the best attorney out there. He is very thorough and will fight for you to get the best outcome possible for whatever your case may be. He’s reliable, honest, and I cannot thank him enough for all of his diligent work and dedication to my case. He’s expensive but he’s worth every penny!!

- Jess 09/14/2022


I needed an attorney for criminal defense after facing some heavy charges, I was severely overwhelmed and had no idea where to even start. After some searching I found Paul Dickman and am so very fortunate that I did. He took my case, fought long and hard for me and got the severe charges dismissed! I am completely shocked and in awe of his talent, professionalism and care. I simply can not praise him enough. If you are in need of an attorney who cares will fight tooth and nail for you with exceptional outcomes, Paul is it!

- anonymous 06/17/2022

Superior Lawyer Leadership

This is a one of a kind lawyer that will go above and beyond any other in his field of work. This gentleman will make sure he covers more than just all the court bases with his clients he has as he genuinely cares for those that hire him for their protection. He fights for what is just and fair for all his clients as those on the other side of the table just want to make a name for their own selves. He understands life happens and mistakes can be made but life doesn’t stop which means he gets the fair deal or better for us. This gentleman I hired has kept the evil out of my life and has granted me a second chance to prove my society character is better than what got me in his office in the first place. He didn’t judge me, he just wanted my honesty and in return he gave me the exact same thing. I can’t thank this man enough for looking after my case as he made no promises just a deal that allowed me to have my life those on the other side of the table wanted to take away from me in an unjust manner! Seriously from the bottom of my Heart Thank You Paul!

- Kevin Daley 05/26/2022

Mr. Paul Dickman Saved My Life

My wife and I had come to terms with the probability that I was going to be found guilty for something I did NOT do. However, Paul was tenacious and never gave up while keeping our stress as low as possible. Paul methodically reviewed all of the evidence and made a series of recommendations while leaving the decision up to me and always communicating and always keeping me in the loop. His recommendations were of course always correct! :) Then yesterday after almost two years Paul was able to get my case dismissed without even going to trial. This is the guy (and his team) that you want on your side when you think all could be lost....

- Gary 04/21/2022

Great attorney! No felony!

First of all Paul, thank you so much for helping us out in our not simple situation! We were terrified and scared because of what we were facing. Because of what happened to our daughter, her life could be completely ruined, shattered to pieces if we didn’t have Paul. We tried to find an attorney, but didn’t feel comfortable with any of them until we came across Paul’s name. Immediately he made us feel hopeful, calmed us down and started working on the case right away. What I love about Paul is that you can get hold of him any time and I mean it. Second, he is “brutally “ honest and We love it. No false hopes, no lies, just a deep trust between attorney and the client. He is not the one that would tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you what you have to do to get out of trouble and you better listen to him. We did and never regretted. He is very professional and very respected among legislators and fellow attorneys. In addition, he is very personable, easy going and genuinely cares about his clients and what’s happening in their lives. Even now, after everything is done and over with we still keep in touch. I would recommend Paul as a great attorney for any case, even the most complicated, like our was. Because of Paul our daughter got a second chance in life and doing fantastic now. Thanks again Paul for all your help!!

- anonymous 04/03/2022

Great service!

Paul represented my son in a very difficult case, as well as follow-up court appearances. He successfully got probation for my son rather than incarceration. He has made himself available many times on short notice and consistently returns calls or emails as soon as he’s able. There have been times I messaged him and he simply replied he was in court and he’d be in touch once he was finished. He fought for my son and I appreciate his efforts and skill very much!

- anonymous 03/03/2022

I strongly recommend hiring Paul Dickman.

I was arrested and charged with some very serious charges in October 2018. Researching lawyers, Paul stood out as someone with experience in my area of need. Paul was up front and truthful about everything. I was potentially facing 10+ years in prison, but Paul assured me, this would not happen. Facing what, at the time, was a corrupt Prosecutor’s office in Boone County and a Florence Police department that refused to acquire exculpatory evidence that would prove my side of the story and clearly take the biggest charge against me off the table, Paul fought for me. He was always available and he was able to get me a deal with the court that was more than satisfactory, considering the very big hurdles in front of us. Three years later, my case has now been dismissed and next is getting my record expunged. Paul knows how the sometimes unfair system works and will do the job it takes to make sure you are not being punished for making a mistake and ruining your future. You need to hire Paul.

- Chris 01/08/2022

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

EXCEPTIONAL IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! I wish I was able to give more than 5 starts! I highly recommend Paul! He is so attentive, knowledgeable, & truly cares about his clients. I’ve had my share of dealings with lawyers around this area & he is by far the best I’ve encountered! I’ll never go elsewhere! If he tells you he’s going to get it done, he delivers just that. Very professional, very easy to communicate with, overall my experience with him was great. Thanks for all you done for me! You have a client forever! I can’t thank you enough for what you done!

- Jaklyn 01/06/2022

Strongly Recommend

Paul and Nick were professional, hard working, and knew the ins and outs of handling my case.

- anonymous 12/21/2021

Look no further

Paul was an excellent lawyer for me I’ve already recommended him to friends. He helped put my mind at ease with my first case and was very attentive to everything I needed. He is worth every bit of your time and he will always put you first.

- Bryan 12/16/2021

One of the best attorneys in Kentucky

My attorney Paul Dickman is one of the best attorneys in Kentucky he has help me with my federal case and my state case he has also gone above and beyond for me and I’m very appreciative for that he has gotten me off probation early being that I have a past history I am a very much a changed women now he has walked me through he has been very compassionate very helpful and never left my side during the process he is a five star Atty thank you so much Paul for the support.

- anonymous 10/27/2021

Better call Paul

Paul Dickman is literally the man, The day I found myself in a devastating situation he answered his phone at 9 o’clock at night and didn’t hesitate to talk with me until he fully understood the situation, within four days he had my entire situation resolved, for as long as I live I will never recommend another attorney to anyone. He is extremely easy to get a hold of And he truly cares about his clients! Paul is well-connected and extremely knowledgeable in his field. The guy is truly worth every penny I paid and saved my career with just a few phone calls. If you’re ever having any kind of legal issue my only advice is “better call Paul”

- Austin 10/09/2021

Life saver

I got myself involved in a dumb situation in which I got my first (and last) experience of trouble with the law. I called several attorneys in the area and they gave me predictions of ominous outcomes which would be detrimental to my professional license. I called Mr.Dickman and he listened and immediately put me at ease. We maintained my innocence from arraignment to dismissal. Mr.Dickman answered my calls and text on his personal cell phone and addressed all concerns (which were frequent and a lot). There aren’t enough words to explain how grateful I am for Paul, and I would recommend him to my closest of friends and family.

- anonymous 09/09/2021

Best EVER!!!!!

First and foremost; THANK YOU SO MUCH Paul!!! Mr. Dickman is absolutely amazing!!! First time I'd ever been in legal trouble; he made me feel comfortable and confident. He got the best result possible, kept me informed constantly, I definitely would not have gotten the results I did if it had not been for him. He made me feel confident with him, and again he got the absolute best results possible, and made sure I knew every other option. He explored every option, thoroughly explained them to me, expressed what he believed was best while allowing me to decide if I agreed, and he ABSOLUTELY ENSURED that this would have the minimum affect on my life. I will ALWAYS use him when needed(hopefully never again though LOL). If you need an attorney that you can trust and that will ensure you the best results(AND MINIMUM AFFECT on your life) and make you feel confident with him beside you, then Mr. Dickman is your BEST option. He should be your first and only choice! Again thank you so much sir!!!

- Megan 07/30/2021

Paul Dickman is a fantastic Lawyer

Paul Dickman is a fantastic Lawyer - the whole time with my case he was professional and made me feel comfortable- it was my 1st time I have ever been involved in a car accident and had to work with a lawyer on the matter due to a personnel injury - Him and Martin Summe worked tireless on my case to see it closed. Absolutely wonderful- if you are looking for a Lawyer I highly recommend contacting .

- Holly 07/26/2021

Best There is.. Period.

If I were able to write 100 pages on Mr. Dickman, it would still not be enough. This man handled every aspect of my defense with professionalism, care, honesty, integrity, and just down right incredible human decency. He not only cares about winning and seeing you free and clear of any wrong doing, but he also invests himself in your family, friends, and life in general. In my opinion, that makes him one of a kind and your only solution when needing an experienced attorney when your life is on the line. Mr. Dickman never stopped fighting for me; for that, my family and I owe him my life. Hire him now if you are reading this. You will not regret it as he is worth every penny. Thank you for everything, Paul. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude.

- Derek 06/30/2021

Stop and hire him! He is the best!

Listen.....don’t just read this and not called this lawyer. This lawyer is a beast and very easy to work with, he will work very hard to get you to your outcome goal. I live in another state and hired this lawyer for some legal issues in KY that occurred while visiting KY. He took my case and produce results quicker than I expected. I did not have to appear in court and my charges were dismissed. Give this lawyer a call, he is honest and fair. I’m very serious about this!! He will NOT bs around with you and will tell you straight up if and how he can help you. I’m sure he will be able to help you. My case was weird and dark! If you need a strong present and knowledgeable lawyer whom is affordable........than call this lawyer!! My case was dismissed and charges removed off my record!! Call him!!

- anonymous 04/26/2021

I highly recommend Mr. Dickman!

I hired Mr. Dickman based on all the great reviews I read about him online, and boy am I glad I did! Mr Dickman was able to reduce my felony charge to a misdemeanor and then get my ENTIRE case DISMISSED!!! He kept me calm, cool and collected and gave me hope when I had none. If you are looking for representation, look no further!

- Jen 04/16/2021

No felony!

I got a first dui and had a felony with with. Paul was able to resolve and get the felony dropped. Only had to deal with the dui. Paul is good about communicating and benign honest about what the courts will can do

- Amy 04/05/2021

Highly recommend

Simply put, Paul is the best there is, and his legal expertise is worth every penny. From start to finish he was knowledgeable, caring, prompt with communication, and got the job done!

- anonymous 04/01/2021

Amazing Attorney

Mr. Dickman was an amazing attorney. He brought me through a very hard time in my life with a huge victory for me and my family. I can’t thank him enough for all he did for us. He was always available and always responded no matter the time. He was worth every penny and to be honest he was very competitive as far as cost. Thank you Paul for everything.

- Dave 03/25/2021

Hands Down the Best

Paul will fight for YOU and get you what you deserve. He is the best attorney in town. When it comes down to it, you want Paul Dickman on your side!

- Elden 02/09/2021

Great Communication, Very Professional

Paul is amazing! He really cares about his clients and has great communication and isn’t hard to get ahold of like other lawyers I’ve had. He has a good rapport with fellow legislators and it’s clear he’s garnered the respect of his peers. He’s very professional and genuinely cares about the cases he takes on. If I ever have any further legal issues I will certainly call him up again!

- Lauren 02/01/2021

Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Nky

Are you looking for an attorney for you or a family member that truly cares about your case? Well Paul Dickman is that attorney. My daughter recently got arrested in Campbell Co , KY on drug trafficking charges. She was looking at a very long prison sentence and 20,000 cash bond to get out of jail. Paul was able to get my daughter released without bond. His communication with us was the best I have experienced with any attorney and he responded to my calls or text within minutes. With his experience and dedication to her case he was able to get her sentence dropped to possession and probation. So if you or a family member have made bad decisions in the past don't let this be one of them, don't wait any longer call Paul and get him working on your case immediately!!

- Susan 02/01/2021

Glad we called Paul!

We hired Paul to write a cease and desist letter to a tenant who was attempting to extort and blackmail us. Thanks to Paul, we were able to finally get her out of our house and out of our lives!


The best choice!

I recently found out I had an outstanding arrest warrent in KY. In attempting to get help I called several attorneys for a phone interview, I currently live in the Chicago area. Several attorneys returned my calls, but something just did'nt feel right with them. later that same day Paul returned my call. He spent over an hour with me on the phone. The fit was right. Paul went to work on my case, from 2005 mind you, and immiedatly got my case moving. Due to my distance from KY he appeared on my behalf several times without me making the trip back to KY. We had a plan worked out with the Judge and Prosecuter. I was to post bond and turn myself in to the count y jail. I was told maybe an hour and I would be released. you guessed it, there was a glitch. A prior retired Judge had put out a NO BOND warrent on me 10 years prior. So when I checked in the jail one of the jailers came to me and told me there was conflicting notes from 2 Judges. I was being held. Little did I know, Paul was on the outside working on my behalf. So from 4PM till I was released about 10PM he was calling everyone he knew to get me out. The first face I saw was Paul's when I got released. He wanted me to know what happened and he was not going to leave me till I could go to my daughter's home that night. It took him calling another Judge at home at 9PM but I was released. The case had issues along the way because of it being 15 years old. At one point we had to appear in front of yet a 3rd Judge. He was one of those ole time hanging Judges you hear about. He wanted me to do max time right then. Paul got the case put on hold that day and made arrangements for me to get in front of Judge number 2. The case went on and on due to covid closing the court system. All said and done, Paul negotiated for me to have a complete dismissal of all charges, case gone. It could have been a Felony conviction but I paid a $253.00 court cost contempt fine. I'm free again to visit my family in KY. I just returned from a week long vacation for the holidays in which we were all over the State of Kentucky. The case still continues as the first Judge forfieted my $3,000.00 original bond. Paul is working to get that returned to me at no charge. Believe you me, Paul Dickman is worth every penny of his fee. Totally worth the fee! I my opionon, using anyone else in Northern KY would be a waist of your money, little lone your freedom. Thank You Paul Dickman. Happy New Year 2021 to you and yours. Mike, Chicago IL Thank You for making my trip possible.


Awesome lawyer. Worth every penny!

Paul Dickman is not some low rent attorney, he’s the real deal. He handled a case for me years ago and saved years of my life. That was 13 years ago and I still call him when I have any legal questions. The guy called me back on Christmas Day to give me some advice. I’ll never need another lawyer. Paul Dickman will be your lawyer AND your friend. Good man! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks for everything Paul.


Satisfied client

Paul was great. He answered all calls in a prompt manner. Represented me at every court appearance. Never made any guarantees, but was able to make things happen. If you are looking for an attorney that represents you, Paul is the man to go to. Thank you for all you have done, if I'm ever facing a legal situation, I will definitely give Paul a call.


He kept his promises.....NO B.S.

I was beginning to despair my circumstances until I consulted with Paul Dickman. He put me at ease right away, said to give him some time in order to review my case. He came back with "OUR plan of action" which said a lot to me. It wasn't a case of "here's what you want to do" or "I think I will do this". It was OUR PLAN for this matter. And it played out as WE had planned. Paul sincerely cared for me as his client always asking how I was doing and telling me to hang in there. It was such a strange case that needed real knowledge of the law, many twists and turns, but Paul navigated them expertly and adroitly. Most of all he kept his promises. Cannot thank him enough.


Paul's the one to call

Let's face we all make a bad decision every now and again. When we do we need Paul! I didn't make it easy on him, but he had my back! I could have went with a cheaper attorney which in my opinion you get what you pay for! I felt like in my case and what seems to me all his clients, he has and puts forth the effort to have our best resolve in a situation we put our ourselves in. He knows what he's doing and will fight for our best resolve. If I ever need a attorney again best believe I'm gonna call Paul. I wasn't just a case file or #, he treated me like a person,who just made a bad decision, it only takes one! When that times comes, he will fight and go to war for you!! In my opinion anyone else would just have been no better then a public pretender! Thx, Paul for all that you did me!


Great Attorney

We hired Paul Dickmann for our car wreck my husband had a broken back injury . He was an excellent attorney was professional answered all our questions and let us know what was going on throughout the case. He did a great job and won our case we are very happy with the results . I would recommend him to anyone needing a great attorney.


Honest and hard working, great communication

I had gotten a probation violation and wasn't expecting court for a few weeks paul got me on the docket within 3 days and got me a second court date on the fourth day in which he got me an or bond. Couldn't be any happier with the outcome he worked with my gf for hours getting everything he would need and got done exactly what he told her he would do great guy would recommend him 10 out of 10 times!


5 Star Guy

Paul told it like it is and at the same time made you feel better about the situation. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case. Go for Paul Dickman.



Paul does an excellent job. He gets it done. He is very quick. He is professional. Very soft spoken and knows what he is doing.



Paul was great about educating me about the ins and outs of my case. He is very knowledgeable, confident, and empathetic toward your case. He was realistic and communicative. Easy to get in contact with for questions and concerns. Would definitely recommend for anyone needing legal counsel and aid. He knows his stuff!


Very Responsive Attorney

I hired Paul on a very short notice on a sensitive issue for me personally and he was quick to be in touch with me. He was very empathetic and understanding. He went to work immediately and did not hesitate to take the situation head on. He stuck with it through some push back and played his cards very well on my behalf. I have waited a few months to post review to see if the issue was resolved. I would hire him again in a minute and in fact have recommended him to others. I appreciate his business acumen and responsiveness. Thank you.


Case Dismissed

Since hiring Paul in September 2019 he has been nothing short of amazing. He was thorough and patient and his determination to get the best possible outcome was admirable and much appreciated. As a felon already he knew I had a lot on the line and made sure my case got thrown out! I highly recommend Paul Dickman! Not only is his personality amazing but he is blunt and very knowledgeable! Worth every cent! I appreciate you as a person and professional! Thank you!


Exceptional Lawyer

Paul Dickman was an exceptional lawyer for my case. He was very thorough and kept my best interest in mind. He truly works for his client and tries to obtain the best outcome.

- Cody 04/20/2020

Best Attorney in the Area

I hired Paul for a case I had in Boone County and it was a great decision. Paul is very easy to communicate with, he always gets back to me quickly. He is very experienced, knowledgeable and influential with the court system. If you have a case and need an attorney, I would strongly recommend Paul, I believe he will do his best and more.

- Bob 03/26/2020


I had an OVI with an endangerment attached to it, that was out of state... What a mess! If it weren't for Paul fighting for my rights, I'd be in prison right now. He got my felony reduced at the start, and I had to take a deal on the OVI. The OVI wasn't my first and I'm not proud to say that, and Paul made sure that the state court was in thought it was my first offense... The prosecutor kept on trying to make me take a deal without my results up! It took 4 months for my blood test to come back, and it was a .083 as they wouldn't negotiate. I eventually took the deal realizing that they thought it was my first offense. My fine wasn't that big, the license suspension isn't that long, and all I had to do was spend 72 hours in a lockdown OVI program in a cozy hotel, Kentucky wanted me to spend months going to a weekly class, luckily I'm in Ohio citizen and I qualified for the 72-hour program here to get it all out of the way quickly. Thanks to Paul everything went swiftly and calmly as possible, Paul did a great job. On down the road I wanted to get my driving privileges once the Kentucky courts decided to suspend my Ohio driving license.... My local Court would not let me file since it was out of state, and the Kentucky DMV would not let me since I lived in Ohio.... NOT ALL HEROS WEAR CAPES! Paul went over their head, and filed a civil lawsuit against the BMV, causing them to give me my hearing for privileges. I WOULD OF NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS ON MY OWN! If anybody gets into some legal issues, "YOU GOTTA CALL PAUL"

- Michael 03/12/2020

So Happy! He changed my life!

I highly recommend Paul. He was able to get my citation dismissed. He went to court a few times on my behalf and communicated well all through the process. Im so glad I did my homework and found him. The best hire!

- Brian 02/27/2020

Lost widow

I’ve know Paul since 2014 due to unfortunate circumstances. He has done so much more than just be “my lawyer”. In a time of confusion and grief; Paul was not only our rock of a lawyer who fought for what my children and I needed but also a kind friend who was empathetic to our lives. Almost five years later, I will always have Paul in our corner! We appreciate him so much!

- Anonymous 02/25/2020

The Best of the Best

After firing my other lawyer because of his lackluster performance. I went to AVVO to find the best lawyer in the area. That is where I found Paul. The last year has been so stressful and countless nights without sleep. Paul quickly changed this. With his amazing reviews and his professionalism the first time I met himI knew that this guy was going to get it done. I was facing 3-5 years for a stupid choice I made. With his fight to win he got me off with probation. I was very blessed to find a lawyer like Paul. Because of him I get to stay with my beautiful family. I would highly recommend this lawyer to anyone. Thanks Paul! Words can’t explain to you how thankful I am.

- Anonymous 02/14/2020

5 star defense

Great lawyer who went above and beyond to get the best outcome for my case. He got my felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time or probation! Would recommend, totally worth the money.

- Brian 02/06/2020

Worth It!

I hired him for a class d felony, and he got it dropped down to a class a misdemeanor, and he got it off my record with only 15 hours of community service. He is definitely one of the best!

- Samantha 12/28/2019

Great experience!

Hired Paul Dickman for an issue with KYDOT. He provided great communication thru the whole process! He is very professional and really easy to work with! An A+++++ experience! Highly recommend!!!!

- Susan 11/11/2019

Case Dismissed!!

I was charged with a class D felony. He not only answered and kept me up to date through the whole process of what was going on during the steps of the courts. He got my felony amended down two degrees and ultimately dismissed after being amended 2 degrees to the lowest misdemeanor. He’s awesome highly recommended his price for representation is expensive but extremely worth it. Now I have no worries about charges coming up on my background and it won’t affect my licenses through my work in the pharmacy.

- Darren 11/06/2019

Lawyer you can count on

I got in trouble in Kentucky when I was visiting from out of state. Paul knows the ends and outs of the legal system in Kentucky. He ended up getting my felony dropped to a misdemeanor with no jail time. He was always available to talk when I had questions about my case. Obviously, when you are in a tough situation, this is a lawyer you can count on. Worth every penny.

- Anonymous 10/29/2019

My case was dismissed!

Great lawyer. Personable, professional, and direct. Mr. Dickman was very professional in handling my case. The first day we met he was confident about how we should approach the case. Very knowledgeable and does not play around and about business. With that said, my case was dismissed as he assured me it would be. Money well spent. Would highly recommend. He’s one of the top of lawyers in KY which is why I went with him and I couldn’t have chosen a better lawyer!

- Rae 10/17/2019

DUI Case dropped

I was given a DUI charge for being drunk on the side of the road with a flat tire. The car was turned off and I was passed out. Paul found case law that proved one cannot be charged with a DUI if you are not driving and the car is not running. He argued with the prosecutor until he agreed to drop the DUI charge in lieu of an AI ( Alcohol Intoxication), $25 fine plus $150 in court costs. Pretty great compared to a DUI charge (jail time, loss of license, and thousands in costs). Paul is an excellent attorney who will fight for you. I will definitely use him again if needed.

- Jim 10/08/2019

Excellent Lawyer

Paul Dickman is very reliable and will work with your situation. He is fast intelligent and I would recommend Paul Dickman for any of your legal needs. Definitely the best you can get for your money.

- Jacob 09/04/2019

Representation for DUI

When I was arrested for DUI in KY I quickly made numerous calls to various lawyers produced by a Google search. Paul actually answered his phone that day (only one to do so) and we set up an appointment for the next day. Once meeting him I felt confident he would represent me well.. And now that my issue has been resolved and closed I can say it was a great decision. Paul is very responsive and there was not a single instance of my texting, emailing, or calling where he didn't get back to me within an hour or two tops... Usually far less. He is easy to talk to and explains what to expect every step of the way. I will recommend Paul Dickman to anyone I know who could use his services. Thanks Paul!

- James 07/30/2019

Great Lawyer

Paul was honest and straight forward from the beginning to the end he helped our son through a very tough case and got him a very good deal we really appreciate what Paul did for our son he’s a tough lawyer with a big heart ! I would highly recommend Paul Thank you again Paul !

- Donna 07/23/2019

Gets the job done, does what he says, and knows his stuff!

Paul was awesome to work with. He is very easy to approach with questions or concerns, replies quickly, and most importantly was super effective at representing me! He knows exactly who and how to speak with on your behalf, combs through evidence (or lack thereof) efficiently, and just flat out knows his stuff! Highly recommended!

- Bill 07/08/2019

Business Owner

This is David a business owner I was involved in a Accident. I was looking at two plus felonies. I hired Paul Dickman as my Attorney. He is worth every penny that he charges. He is beyond any Attorney I've ever seen.He is down to earth and straight forward and he responds back very quickly. Just like they say get what you pay for. He was able to resolve my situation with no charges. And no tickets!! I highly highly recommend him.. Thank You Paul Dickman!

- David 07/02/2019

Paul on an excellent job for me done an excellent job for me

I have a horrible record Paul still managed to keep me out of jail and get me probation when I was sure I was going to serve some significant time Paul is easy to talk to and did exactly what he promised to do for me he is the first lawyer ever had that didn't sell out to the prosecution it was a pleasure to watch him fight tooth-and-nail for me and my rights

- Mark 06/30/2019

Better Call Paul

We contacted Paul when our juvenile son was charged with a crime. While it was a very stressful time for us, Paul’s confident demeanor and knowledge of the law was reassuring. He was very honest and straightforward in his dealings with us and we were very satisfied with the end result. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone in need of a great attorney!

- James 05/18/2019

Straightforward and Amazing Attitude!

Paul Dickman is a very caring lawyer and has a plan of action. He gave me all the options I have and he has focus when dealing with cases. If you want to get your case settled in an efficient manner with the best outcome, please give Mr. Dickman a call.

- Happy Client 03/08/2019

A solid investment

I met with Paul in 2018 due to some allegations made by an ex wife that could have had life altering repercussions . I’ll admit Going into my consultation with Mr. Dickman I was dubious of any lawyer . In the past with other lawyers I felt a car salesman vibe and I was half expecting the same again . After explaining my situation to Mr. Dickman I felt a sense of empathy and determination to right the wrong being imposed by my ex .I hired him that day . He followed through on everything he said he would do for my case . The things he said he expected to happen , eventually did . My case was dismissed . A year later my ex was at it again . Once again I hired Mr. Dickman and once again my case was dismissed. Experience wise outside the courtroom : Very easy to talk to. He does talk fast at times but never made me feel less then . The entire time I felt that I had a very competent lawyer who I could talk to . For me that’s important when my future is on the line . The more I was able to trust him to do his job , the better things went . He was respected by all his peers so far as I could tell and every where we went he seemed to have a positive rapport , in the court room he was all business and I felt a strong sense of him in my corner . He’s a good number to have memorized in the event of injustice.

- Jake 04/20/2019

He is the best lawyer!! (Case Dropped)

I had a felony wanton endangerment case.. And paul did everything he could to get it dropped!! I would recommend him to EVERYONE! He managed to find a way to discredit the witness in My case! I was literally speechless.

- Dakota 03/25/2019

DUI Charge

I recently hired Paul to represent me for a DUI/reckless driving charge that would have had a very big impact on my life and career if convicted. Paul was very honest and direct about possible outcomes and consequences. He was able to get the DUI dropped and I just had to pay a small fine for the reckless charge. Paul always answered my phone calls personally and promptly to answer any questions I had about my case. He has a great personality and seems to care about the client. I believe with Paul you get more bang for your buck and I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs legal services.

- John 02/03/2019

Excellent Counsel

I contacted Paul Dickman in regards to a DUI charge. After reviewing my case he found that they pulled me over without probable cause and my case was dismissed. He was very professional and kept me informed about my case. I would definitely refer Mr. Dickman to anyone under any circumstances! Excellent counsel!!

- Todd 01/17/2019

Look no further

Here in the USA on a green card, trying to apply for US citizenship. I was charged with a DUI in Northern KY. Didn't submit to the breath test, and the field test video was showing pretty clearly I was not under the influence. Still a very stressful time - not being able to drive for over 3 months, worried that a DUI on my record would severely reduce my chances of getting US citizenship etc. I did not know of any DUI lawyer. Chose Paul after reading the reviews here. The reviews were very accurate. Paul is a great lawyer and a great person. If you want a competent lawyer, who also answers his phone personally, get Paul. He won my case. Got the whole thing thrown out. Paul has a great understanding of human psychology, understands the stress you're going through and he is just great at what he does. So your stress is considerably lowered. Does not charge unjustified fees, not cheap, just reasonable and worth every penny. Definitely recommend!

- Michelle 01/17/2019

Paul is a fighter and a winner!

This was my first experience ever hiring an attorney, and Paul was absolutely incredible. I was charged with a DUI and the ramifications if found convicted would have led to major issues with my medical licensure. Prior to hiring Paul, I discussed my case with three other attorneys. Despite what I felt like was a very winnable case, all three suggested that I plead guilty. However, Paul assured me that this was a winnable case and was willing to fight for me from day one. The trial process lasted almost 9 months, and the anxiety that accompanied it was terrifying. However, Paul was always there to reassure me that we were in a good position to win. Paul went above and beyond to prepare for my case hiring private investigators, expert witnesses, and subpoenaing traffic records. He worked very hard to ensure that I had the greatest chance of winning possible. Sure enough, the day of trial the prosecution dropped the charges because they knew they didn’t stand a chance against the defense Paul had prepared. I was ecstatic with my outcome and with the work that Paul Dickman did for me over the last 9 months. Paul is a consummate professional, who works day and night for his clients and I would strongly recommend him for anyone in need of legal help. There is no other attorney I would ever consider for my friends and family. Paul is not only an exceptional attorney but an exceptional person as well!

- Jordan 01/17/2019

Christmas Miracle

On Christmas Eve, I was picked up on a fraudulent warrant. Kenton Co. Circuit Court had neglected to recall it. Once I was booked into the jail & able to make a phone call, I called my daughter & girlfriend & told them to call my attorney, Paul Dickman. They both seemed skeptical & being girls, they were hysterical that I was in jail on Christmas Eve. It was looking like it would be several days before I would get out because the courts were all closed. To top it all off, Paul was on vacation on the other side of the earth in Australia. I told the girls to calm down & just call him, even though it was around 5am on Christmas Day where he was. I waited patiently at the jail & about a half hour later I knew something was happening because one of the employees told me that my attorney just called. I’m still not sure exactly how he pulled it off but just as Campbell Co. was loading me into a car to take me to Kenton Co., someone came rushing out and said my paperwork came through and I was being released. I was outside waiting when my girlfriend arrived to pick me up around 6:15pm. I’d been there less than 6 hours. Paul spent the early morning hours of Christmas Day and his vacation from halfway around the world to make a Christmas Miracle happen for me & make the endless phone calls necessary to get me released. He is hands down the best attorney I’ve ever had. I will definitely call him if I am ever in need again & strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

- Scott 01/08/2019

Lawyer for life!

I was facing some pretty serious charges and was freaking out. Paul worked with me and never wasted my time. He made sure what we were doing with my case was what I wanted to do. He made sure I understood all of my options and didn't bullshit me. Lawyer for life.

- Melissa 01/07/2019

Great attorney

This was my first experience hiring an attorney and I could not have been more pleased. Paul was very helpful in every aspect of our legal problems and helped us every step of the way. I highly recommend him if you’re in need of legal help.

- Tina 12/18/2018

Outstanding Lawyer!

Mr, Paul Dickman is a dedicated lawyer and an amazing professional,with the knowledge,experience and expertise that speaks for itself. He was able to guide us through the complicated system while managing to ease the stress of the situation with the confidence of knowing that my son's case was in the best of hands.His ability to explain our options,outline a plan of action and successfully accomplish the best possible outcome was flawless.Paul really cares about people,and he stayed in contact keeping us informed through the process.I am so thankful that we chose such an honest,reliable,talented and truly remarkable lawyer! I am pleased to recommend Mr. Dickman to family and friends.

- Suzanne 12/18/2018

Excellent attorney!!!!

Mr. Dickman is a very attentive and detailed attorney. He doesnt talj down to you and he keeps you informed during the entire process. He help my wife who got picked up on a warrent and in less than 4hrs was able to figure out what it was for and had all the paperwork together to get the warrent lifted the longest part was just waiting for the judge to sign off on the paperwork. I would definitely recommend Mr. Dickman to anyone for any legal issues that they may be having. Thanks again for all that you have done!!!

- Todd 12/10/2018

Excellent Attorney

Mr. Dickman is an excellent attorney. We hired him to represent our daughter in a criminal case in which the outcome was the best case scenario possible. Mr. Dickman is an honest, reliable, well-prepared attorney who truly cares about his clients. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced attorney who takes the time to listen to the needs of the client. He returns calls promptly and is very thorough in his preparation for the court case. If you need to hire an attorney to represent your best interests, Mr. Dickman is the attorney you want on your side. We are so very grateful for his efforts.

- Nancy 12/04/2018

Excellent Attorney

I had a criminal case in Northern Kentucky. I hired Paul to represent me. The trial process was lengthy (2 yrs), Paul did a fantastic job of representing me even though everything was against me in the case. I would definitely recommend hiring Paul as a criminal defense attorney.

- Scott 11/29/2018

Five stars

Paul is always upfront, on time, and very effective. He has represented me twice and has never failed to deliver on the promise of justice. He has guided me through very tough situations and has always gotten me through. I highly recommend Paul for any legal matter.

- James 11/17/2018

Would not want anyone else to represent me.

Mr Dickman was thorough, he understood and was able to explain the charge and potential defensive strategy for me on day one. Having never been through the criminal process before I am thankful for Paul’s hard work in getting me through a tough time. Paul and his team were respectful and professional throughout the entire process. in the end the case was dismissed. I hope I never have to go through this again but if I do, I would hire Mr Dickman without hesitation.

- A.J. 11/09/2018

Responsive professional attorney

Paul clearly and professionally articulated the options in my case. He advised me on the most efficient way to resolve my case. Since I was out of state, initially, I was concerned about communication with my attorney. Paul and his team were proactive in their responsiveness to me. In addition, Paul set expectations and walked me through the process until it was successfully completed.

- Anonymous 10/30/2018

Ex-massage owner

I have been opened massage business in Florence City, KY in 2016, the police man gave me promoting prostitution and possession of matter portraying... my first lawyer, he didn’t help me solved these cases... but second lawyer Mr Paul, in the past 2 years, he has been did his best for solved my cases, dismissed all the cases, he really is my benefactor! I will remember him forever.

- Jianzhong 10/09/2018

Phenomenal representation!

Could not have chosen a better attorney to represent me. after our first conversation I know with certainty that he really cared. He listened intently to me while i described my situation and guided me through my options. After our consultation he came up with a plan and executed it perfectly. I have since recommended him to 2 other friends of mind and will continue to do so. Highly professional attorney.

- Sean 10/02/2018

Highly recommended!!

I hired Paul for a felony charge, I was also charged with a PFO 2. I was given a split sentence with only 6 months to serve. I was on felony probation in 2 counties at the time so I had violated my probation. He represented me in my revocation hearings as well. Happy to say, he got my probation reinstated. He was also able to get me work release privileges while I was incarcerated. He always answered mine or my families calls or returned them in a timely manner. I was very impressed. He is definitely well worth the money I spent. I would highly recommend anyone needing an attorney to contact him!

- Jennifer 10/02/2018

Paul knows what to do

Paul represented me after a horrible motorcycle accident. He was able to collect every penny of insurance available from the person who hit me and also from from multiple other policies. I strongly recommend him.

- Donnie 08/30/2018

Well Worth It!

I had a very unique case and was charged with a class C felony looking at $45k in restitution. Mr. Dickman was able to get the charged dropped to misdemeanor with $0 restitution and no jail time without even going to trial! Mr. Dickman knows the law and always had the answer to all my questions. After it was all said and done, I saved tens of thousands of dollars and never missed a day with my family. Thanks Paul!

- Zac 08/23/2018

Professional and honest

I contacted Paul and set a date to meet with him. I didn't know what to expect or if he would be able to help me. At that end of the meeting, I had known what I wanted Paul to do for me and he was very clear with me. Paul Dickman is an honest guy with the best intention of getting the job done. He has far exceeded my expectations of a good lawyer. I have referred people to him because of his commitment and professionalism.

- Clint Kennedy 08/19/2018

Sincerely Recommend!

We recently hired Paul Dickman to defend against several serious felony charges. Mr Dickman made an extremely difficult situation easier, and less stressful. While not the least expensive attorney we interviewed, what we saved in fines and DROPPED charges more than made up any difference in fees. Totally recommend this attorney to help you navigate the maze of our criminal justice system.

- Anonymous 08/08/2018

Problem Solver!

I was wrongfully charged with very serious crime. After Paul reviewed all of the so called evidence, Paul laid out a plane to get the charges dismissed . His strategy worked perfectly. He retained an expert to evaluate the evidence- and presented this evaluation to the prosecutor and court. After almost 6 months of legal wrangling, multiple court dates , and hearings , the case was ultimately DISMISSED ! Paul was always available, returned calls and text , and repeatedly assured me that we would get to this point. He charged me more than other lawyers quoted me , but it was worth every penny ! Paul is really professional and real Problem Solver ! If you need a lawyer- call Paul ! Thank you Paul !

- Anonymous 07/20/2018

Great lawyer

I hired Paul to get me out of a bad situation I got myself in. He is the best. Always in close contact, gets the outcome he promises, and is very fair. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Justin 07/18/2018


Do not want to list the charges my Son was charged with but Paul Dickman didn't make any promises but from his swag and comfidence, I knew great things would happen! It DID!!! My son was exonerated of all charges! Not only the fee that he requested but we're taking it a bit further! I encourage ANYONE that's in ANY need of an attorney to contact Paul Dickman! Thank you so much!

- Lewis 06/09/2018

A fighter and a winner, that's Paul Dickman.

Thankful for the services I recieved from my attorney Paul Dickman. With charges against me and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel Mr. Dickman not only gave me hope and put me at ease Paul mad this nightmare go away. I would recommend him to my best friend.

- Roy 05/31/2018

I'm very thankful to have Paul on our side.

Paul represented my teenage son for his criminal defense case. The prosecuter looked at my son's record and just wrote him off as a young punk that deserved the worst punishment. Paul, however, got to know my son and his story. He talked to the prosecutor and made her see my son in a new light. He persuaded her to make a reasonable, fair, deal for my son on his case. Paul also has been willing to go even further as to help on things that have arose since on my son's behalf. I'm very thankful to have Paul on our side. He listens, understands, and is very personable.

- Doreen 05/26/2018

Call Paul for ultimate results!

Paul came into my life at its lowest point. I was faced with a horrible ordeal of my own making and when I believed I had nowhere to turn, but to be put behind bars for a long, long time. Paul's handing of my case from the first desperate call, continuing thru until the end was outstanding. At all times Paul was respectful, forthcoming and brutally honest of all possible outcomes to the multiple and complex issues that I was facing. Paul was sure to keep me informed while he handled the process and prepared me for each and every possibility. My questions and phone calls were always answered timely, and that along with his calm control over the entire situation, brought me peace of mind and comfort. He ultimately arrived at a much better outcome than I hoped for! His and his staff's knowledge and concern for my well being was literally a life saver. He isn't the least expensive, but his experience, professionalism and relentless diligence is priceless!

- Jennifer 05/23/2018

Paul will fight for you!

If you're looking for an attorney that knows how to win...look no further. Paul Dickman was worth every penny and now I am a free once again. Thanks Paul!

- Jeremiah 05/21/2018

Expensive but worth it! Better take this Dickman!

I was charged with felony trafficking and then hit again with felony drug possession while waiting for the trafficking case! I thought my life was over, the police took my life savings and my charges carried up to 12 years In prison, Paul came into the picture and kept me calm throughout the entire process, he was good about communicating with me and called me frequently to update me on my cases. He was basically my alarm clock for court, and great at helping with getting where I needed to be. My felony was put on diversion with 1 year supervised and my felony trafficking case was reduced to a minor pot possession. My cash was returned to me and to put it simply, Paul SAVED the day! Don’t make the mistake of someone who will sell you out, Paul fought and fought for me to get the best deal I couldn’t possibly get and made me look super cool in the court room.

- Anonymous 05/18/2018

Retired senior citizen

Paul did a outstanding job for me and my son that was incarcerated. He was always easy to contact and came thru beautifully. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of services in Kentucky.

- Valeria 05/15/2018

Excellent Attorney!

If you want an attorney that will fight hard for you in court and always answer any questions you have, even on weekends and even on his personal cell phone, you need to hire Paul Dickman! He is an excellent attorney! He went above and beyond for me. I had a felony charge on my record from the early 90s that I thought I would never get cleared off & Paul worked hard for me and was able to clear it off my record. I am so grateful that I chose Paul Dickman as my attorney. He always stayed in contact with me, answered any questions I had and always updated me with what was going on with my case. He is a great guy, and an excellent attorney! I would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney!

- Shawn 04/29/2018

Your best bet is to Call Paul Dickman

I have/had multiple cases, in multiple counties at the same time. Paul is able to handle my case load, which isn't a light one and answer all my questions. Responds quickly to my txt messages no matter when im asking, even on wknds. I believe he has negotiated and received my best options available. My cases themselves weren't the most complicated, but with multiple cases at the same time, it was no easy feat to represent me at that time. Worth every penny and definitely helped me feel more confident in mt legal battles knowing i had Mr. Dickman in my corner. Dont go for a "bargain" attorney. Splurge for a real one iff you want results.

- Thomas 04/19/2018

A Long Journey Paul Stuck Out With Me

I was dealing with and will be dealing with the court system for many years. Since my initial meeting with him almost 2 years ago, he has been available, helpful and very hard working taking care of all of my issues and helping me get to a fair resolution, even after this resolution, Paul has been instrumental in helping me navigate the legal corridors of my situation.

- Derek 03/27/2018

Good lawyer. Good guy.

Paul answered his phone on my first attempt to contact him and was very easy to talk to from the start. His price was very fair and I felt professionally represented. I hope I never need another lawyer but if I do I’m calling Paul.

- David 03/21/2018

Saved My Life

I have zero prior experience with any other attorneys or legal troubles before this, but I can say without a doubt that there is no better attorney than Paul. I felt desperate and scared to death when I called him the first time and after our first meeting (the same day), I immediately felt better and I knew INSTANTLY that I was in the right place. He was empathetic, kind, and took my situation very seriously. His fees are reasonable and comparable to nearly everyone else's and I know his service far supercedes anyone else's. If you're thinking about going it alone and not hiring counsel, DON'T. He's worth every penny! He was able to get my charges dropped to a minor violation, and not only that, used his amazingly clever brain to help me avoid another life ruining situation. If you want someone who has your best interests at heart and is 100% reliable, communicative, and the best at what he does...this is your dude. Oh, and he's a hoot :)

- Anonymous 03/13/2018

Above and Beyond

Paul was definitely an asset on this case and knows the law. This case was for DUI with drugs in KY. Paul was able to reduce the charge from a second offense to a first, there was no jail time, and the fees were minimal. At the same time, I had a Willful/Wanton Disregard charge in Ohio. Paul took care of that charge as well, only paid minimal fees there too. Can’t ask for more then that. If anyone needs a first class attorney, especially for DUI, you will do well with Paul Dickman. I highly recommend this A-1 attorney. I did not know him prior to this case. Paul responded to my plea for legal help on AVVO.com. He was one of only a hand full willing to take my case. He was a Godsend.

- Andrew 03/13/2018


Attorney Dickman is well worth his fees. He will travel far and wide to get the job done! Thank you Paul Dickman

- Jennifer & Jeff 03/01/2018

Retain with confidence Paul is an all star!!

I hired Paul to handle my Dui and that's exactly what he did. His professionalism and tenacity are top notch. If there were ever a question he had an answer. It's refreshing to have an Attorney that will actually answer all calls and texts. I would highly recommend hiring Paul if you are regulated by the DOT, FRA and cannot have a dui on your record. You can rest assured if you hire Paul you will be in good hands.

- Don 02/21/2018

Only Lawyer I’ll Call

Paul Dickman took my case which I was charged with a Felony 2 and after a series of intense exchanges with the prosecutors my charge was dropped down to a B-Class Misdemeanor. Not only did Paul come through with my case he also had my back through the whole process. If you want your case resolved you pay for the best, Paul Dickman is the best.

- Erik 02/18/2018

Great Attorney

Paul was one of three attorneys I spoke to regarding my case. He was the only one who insisted I come in and talk to him personally. He was confident he could get my charges reduced. He could tell I was concerned about the situation and was encouraging throughout the entire process. Overall, Paul was a little pricey, but completely worth it. He got my charges reduced, and I’m very happy I chose Paul as my attorney.

- Anonymous 02/17/2018

Hope I don’t have to, but I would use him again!

Contacted and hired Mr. Dickman to represent me in a criminal case. Honestly, have nothing but good things to say about him. He always communicated with me in a timely manner about my case and did exactly what he told me he would do for me. Based on my case and the manner in which he handled things for me, I would highly recommend his services.

- Jeff 02/05/2018

Excellent Services

Mr. Dickman worked hard for several months for me on a charge that is unheard of to get dismissed. Somehow, he was able to accomplish the dismissal of charges. I would recommend him to any and everyone. Not only is his work ethic phenomenal but his approach and attention to detail are outstanding.

- Tonya 02/01/2018

Attorney Review

Paul is down to earth. Pulls no punches and tells it like it is. He helped us recover damages from a motorcycle crash that was no fault of ours.

- Joe 01/25/2018

Criminal Defense

From the start Mr. Dickman has given competent and reasonable advise. At the time when options seemed limited, the likely hood of being out of jail had been zero percent. Remaining patient through the entire process of the law, Mr. Dickman handled opposing prosecution and severe rulings. With determination, his efforts allowed me to truly focus on what's important; protect my rights, maintain personal developement, improve my personal and professional life. No lengthy jail time! Mr.Dickman may be an expensive attorney, he is worth every single penny! The expertise and experience provided speaks for itself. I am great ful to his service and recommend Mr. Dickman without hesitation or reservation.

- Joshua 01/08/2018

Misdemeanor offenses

I contacted Paul and for a reasonable fee he was able to get a hold lifted from my license. I was only required to make 1 court appearance so i didn't miss alot of time from work. He did an excellent job of representing me and i was very pleased with his service. I would highly recommend him

- Brian 01/04/2018

Paul Dickman Review

Paul Dickman has been side by side with us as we navigated the criminal justice system for our family member. He guided us and coached us about working within the system to get the best result possible. His advice was genuine and he often had to be very direct about the possible outcomes. He gave us exactly what we needed to make life changing decisions and was very frank about the pitfalls. While we initially were looking at trial, when the possibility of settling outside of court was presented he helped us see every angle of that as well. I would definitely hire him again if needed.

- Brenda 12/31/2017

Experienced, Prompt, and Attentive Attorney

Paul is an experienced attorney who specializes in DUI cases. He is very fair and provides excellent service in all aspects of his practice. I received no jail time and the minimum fine on a first offense DUI. He is straightforward and provides realistic advice. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a dependable and reasonable attorney that sees you through the entire process.

- Vicky 10/04/2017

Don't wonder who to get, just get this guy.

Everything good I could say about this attorney, would all be true. He does exactly what he says he will do. There also wasn't a time that I called or messaged him, that he didn't respond immediately. He treats you with respect, and always makes time for you if you have questions or concerns. He responds on the weekends, he even answered the phone the first time I called. He always responds himself as well. Would hire him again if I ever needed assistance.

- Anonymous 08/15/2017

The Best, most caring, and top notch lawyer there is!!!

Paul handled my divorce and custody case for my children. At the time my ex-wife had some major issues going on, and my children were not particularly safe being with her, or the situation that she was in. I did everything that Paul recommended and told me to do. He worked with me on cost, so that we could achieve our goal in the case. Paul recommended that we hire a private investigator. I did as he told me, and this private investigator proved to be instrumental in my case. My ex wife was lying about a particular incident in court. Paul using his years of experience and top notch proffesionalism, got my ex-wife to admit in court, in front of the judge, that she was not telling the truth about this incident. The end result of my case was that I was awarded full residential custodianship of my children. My ex-wife at first had to start off with "supervised visitation" of the children, and later worked into unsupervised visits, and was then awarded visitation every other weekend. I was also awarded child support for my children. So, in short, this single father could not be happier with the service that Paul provided to me and my children. Without him, I am not sure what would have happened to my children at the time.

- Herbie 07/20/2017

Excellent and Efficient

Mr. Dickman did a great job with a legal proceeding that required his expertise. I would recommend him without hesitation.

- Anonymous 07/19/2017

This lawyer lives up to what he says

We hired an attorney to represent my brother and everything was pointing to 15-20 years in prison. This attorney said that he was doing everything possible to get it reduced, but the court just wasn't getting back with him. So I felt a tugging in my spirit to look for another attorney and that is when I found Paul Dickman. This attorney lives up to what he say's and is very responsive to our phone calls and texts. He got right on it and because of his incredible work, my brother who was looking at 15-20 years is out of prison and back home. Even after all the paperwork was signed and Paul's job was completed, we still needed him to take care of a few minor issues and yet again he responded like I've never seen with any other lawyers. Thanks Paul for living up to what you said you would do and because of you, I have confidence in lawyers again.

- Sheila 07/13/2017

Great dui attorney

I was charged with 2 felonies related to a dui. After spending 2 months in Kenton county I hired Paul and was out 2 days later on house arrest. It took 4 more months of that then Paul called me and told me it was done. Charges dismissed. No probation. Go cut your bracelet off. If I ever (hopefully never) need a lawyer again it will be this guy.

- Brian 05/10/2017

Consider Paul Dickman for your legal consul ahead of the rest!

I recently had the privilege of meeting and working with Mr. Dickman this year and I want to let anyone that may be considering Mr. Dickman for legal consul know what to expect from this very professional and knowledge attorney for hire. First off, let me just say that Paul doesn't come cheap! However penny for penny dollar for dollar I felt like my money was put to outstanding use. I knew the first day I stepped into his beautiful Covington Ky home office that this guy wasn't going to be cheap! As I tried moving towards the words "reasonably priced" in my mind, and after speaking and working with Paul just a few times I had the confidence I needed to feel like my money was being put to excellent use. I quickly realized that this guy is the real deal! His legal knowledge is exceptional and vast, as I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable person of the law, Paul proved to me why having legal representation is a must in today's world even while being legal savy on my own. That is a boost of confidence that certainly is well worth it in my book! The bottom line really is that there is no better feeling of being legally represented properly and professionally when inside the court system. Paul can make this happen! If you are considering Paul for hire, you have my recommendation! His dedication to his profession speaks for itself however! My only complaint is that I wish I could spend more time together with such a knock out professional! (Outside the court system of course :) Be sure to check out all of the awards he has hanging up in his office! Top 100 lawyers award? Wow that truly is impressive in my book. We all know how many attorneys for hire there are in today's world! TOO MANY! (And not enough resources like this review board to help people make the decision they need in my opinion) In summary: THANK YOU MR. DICKMAN!

- Scottie 05/08/2017

Excellent Attorney

I hired Paul after a previous poor experience with another local attorney to represent me in a DUI case. The case lasted 14 months and during this time, Paul was detailed and prepared as the case direction shifted throughout this time. Paul approached my case from multiple angles and was responsive, direct and supportive througout this difficult time for me. The case went to a bench trial with a verdict of “Not Guilty” I can’t thank Paul enough for his professionalism, expertise and final outcome. I highly recommend Paul for this type of representation.

- Mark 04/26/2017

Excellent Attorney

Not only is Mr. Dickman an excellent attorney he is caring towards his client. Facing felony charges was very scary for me. Not only was the charges dropped my record is clean. I'm so grateful that I found him. He is serious business when it comes to legalities; yet compassionate to you as a person. Can not recommended him enough.

- Barb 04/20/2017

Awesome attorney!

Paul handled my divorce with expertise that only a pro can provide. I feel like most men do not get fair representation in the courts, but Paul saw to it that this was not going to be the case in my circumstance. The results gave me everything I wanted and more.

- Jim 04/20/2017

Great lawyer he has always be there when i need him

Paul drop my felony to a misdemeanor. An and serious jail time

- Robert 04/15/2017

Six star laywer.

I would give Paul Dickman six stars out of five if possible. Excellent laywer, very well versed, explains everything in detail to the layman, explores all possibilities, sets realistic expectations, and his personality puts you at ease. Everything I needed in a lawyer, I couldn't have selected better.

- David 03/01/2017

Excellent Lawyer

My case was a difficult case that required his undivided attention and detail. He took care of it! All of my fears and concerns were put to rest! Paul has great relationships in the courts and is a trustworthy attorney!

- Lisa 02/10/2017

He knows what he is doing

Paul was great to work with. I was certain I was facing jail time after being charged with domestic violence a second time in a six month span on the same person. Although the victim was inaccurate in her statements, I had an uphill battle. When I told him my goal was no jail time, while I was freaking out, he did his best to keep me calm and although I had to take a plea for a misdemeanor I was able to get probation. I'm thankful I hired him and he's worth every penny.

- Anonymous 02/07/2017

Better Call Paul

Paul is a great attorney who not once but twice was there when I needed him. He knows the law and is very smart at what he does. He returns phone calls and texts with any question you may have. He got me exactly what I wanted in custody with my son. You need a lawyer he is the man to contact.

- Anonymous 01/19/2017

Great attorney

Mr. Dickman was hired as our attorney last year. He did an excellent job. He was very professional, kept us informed, and guided us thru every aspect of the process. He was mindful of all the pain both emotional and physical. He has a great team to work with also. If you need an attorney, call Paul.

- Anonymous 11/28/2016

The best period

Paul got my back from the start and never looked back. This man knows how to take care of his clients.

- Anonymous 11/17/2016

Life Saver

I couldn’t be more appreciative and satisfied with the level of service and representation I received from Paul Dickman. Not only was Paul able to assist in getting the judge to overthrow an uninformed guilty plea to a DUI charge I had made prior to receiving any legal council, he was also able to position my case to a jury trial which resulted in a successful Not Guilty verdict. As a person who is very educated but has very little knowledge and familiarity with the legal system, i found great comfort with Paul handling my case - which is exactly how you want to feel when you are facing stressful criminal allegations. The night that I was arrested and charged unlawfully with a DUI, i had no idea what my options were and how to proceed. This is a scary position to be in, because I ultimately just felt like my only option was to settle and accept the charges. On my behalf, my boyfriend did some quick research and gave Paul a call at 1AM that night, and he actually answered and provided guidance. Within 24 hours, he was in action pursuing information and helped me realize the importance and benefit to fighting the charges. Over a period of 6 months, I faced several appearances in court. Paul was always present and very communicative, preparing me for each step of the process. I felt like he handled my case carefully, but aggressively, was attentive and also super personable and really listened. Paul exhibited an attention to detail and his experience in navigating DUI cases served as a great asset when cross examining the police officer and pin pointing major mis-steps in the handling of my case. He and his associate, Martin, were sharp and on point with their decisions during the jury selection process, and in the end, I felt Paul was able to tell my story and connect with the jury in a way that ultimately resulted in a huge win and the end of a terrible nightmare for me. I can’t say enough good things! And although I hope to never face such an experience again, I am happy to have the contact info for a very solid lawyer in my phone should i ever need any legal guidance in the future.

- Anonymous 11/08/2016

Saved my Career!

If you are facing a potentially life altering situation you should hire Paul. Here's why: I was charged with a Felony with a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison. As a Defense Contractor with a Top Secret clearance I faced job loss and a lifetime of reduced income if I was charged with even a significant misdemeanor. Paul used his considerable savvy and experience during my case to passionately pursue justice as if I were a relative. I've never met anyone that combined as much humility and passion in pursuit of professional excellence. The result...the case was completely dismissed...unbelievable! My family and I never have never had a happier moment than hearing the words "case dismissed". Bottomline: If you face trouble and need an energized, smart lawyer to help navigate the legal system - hire Paul.

- Jason 11/03/2016

My experience

I am a first time offender so I didn't know what to expect. Paul was very specific in what was going to happen. Paul is very knowledgeable about the law and immediately put me at ease. When I had a question, he got back to me quickly and stayed in contact with me the whole time. He is very professional and well worth the money I paid! Court turned out like he said. I got probation and soon it will be expunged from my record. I would highly recommend Paul Dickman as a lawyer.

- Jennifer 11/01/2016

Paul is the best!!

I hired Paul Dickman to defend me on a bogus DUI charge that arose from unfair profiling and an unjustified stop. He worked hard, returned my calls, tried the case until it was stopped by the judge because of police misconduct. He got the case resolved with no DUI record and I couldn't be more happy. I absolutely recommend Paul Dickman! He's a great lawyer, and a hell of a guy.

- Joe 10/19/2016

A+ effort and communication skills

I hired this lawyer in the brink of the moment and he showed up, put in full effort into my case, was very friendly, had great communication, and was the right lawyer for me. Paul is a great man and anyone in trouble should definently consider calling this man.

- Logan 10/19/2016


If you are feeling like I did when I got arrested you are probably scared and fear possible jail time. Fear no more when Paul Dickman is your lawyer. He makes you feel comfortable and relaxed through the whole process and will answer your calls at any time of day or night unlike most lawyers who will never return your call. Don't make the mistake of not hiring paul and his team of great lawyers if u wanna win your CASE

- Nate 10/17/2016


I got Pauls information and phone number on Google and Avvo. I was shocked when I called the number that he answered the phone (majority of attorneys don't do this, most won't even give you their cell number). I told Paul that I needed an expungement and I knew there was a new law in Kentucky. Paul was already familiar with the new expungement law and asked me to meet him at his office. When I meet him he was very friendly, patient and explained the process to me and assured me that he could take care of it. After hiring Paul to represent me, I had a court date for expungement within 8 weeks and before I went in front of the judge Paul told me that it was all taken care of and not to worry about it, which it was. I now have my life back thanks to Paul. I want you to know every time I called or texted Paul he answered his phone or texted me back right away. The only thing I wish I had done differently is had Paul represent me when I was first charged, I truly believe it would have turned out much different. If you need an attorney, STOP look no further and call Paul before its to late. All attorneys are not equal!!

- James 10/14/2016

Very satisfied

From start to finish everything ran very smooth. Never once did i have to worry about my case not getting 110% from Paul. Would recommend this office very highly.

- Nicholas 10/03/2016

He is the BEST!!!

I found myself in a scary situation and didn't know who to turn to. Not being from the area I turned to google for help. I found his name on this site with glowing reviews. They all proved to be true! Paul is an outstanding attorney!! From the very first contact he put me at ease. He's the most down to earth and friendliest attorney I've ever met. He's always available, day or night to answer any questions, even via text! He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional, confident and compassionate! I HIGHLY recommend him for any of your legal needs! Don't waste your time or money on anyone else. HE IS YOUR GUY!! Thank you Paul for everything!! :)

- Angela 09/29/2016

Excellent Lawyer

Paul is a very professional lawyer. He was exactly what I was looking for in a lawyer. I was treated with respect and not looked at as a criminal. He handled my case with care. Even after my case was done, he still answers any questions I have and will help when needed. If u want a lawyer that will do everything he can to help you I highly recommend Paul.

- Robert 09/20/2016

Highly recommended!!!

I hired Paul for my DUI defense. I was extremely nervous, being it was an aggravated circumstance with two additional charges. Paul was able to work his magic, got the two charges dropped, my suspension cut down by 30 days and avoid jail time. Paul ass also extremely helpful in helping expedite my hardship license application, as it only took 3 days!!! I could not have been happier with my experience and the services I got from Paul. I highly recommend anyone and everyone give Paul the opportunity to defend your case!!!

- Joel 05/27/2016

Hiring attorney

Mr. Dickman handle a case for my son. He was professional in and out of the courtroom. He had to work with Judge, probation officer and prosecutor. To keep my son from losing his diversion 2nd time for alcohol and drug charges . He fought and my son I was granted to stay on diversion. I would highly recommend Mr. Dickman if you need someone to fight for you.

- Cathy 03/15/2016

Best Around !!!!!!!! I Can Assure Anybody..I'm Free

I just wanted to take the Time & inform others about this super star " Paul D ". To be quite honest there's not enough space on here for me to even begin to describe how a professional and wonderful job Paul has did for me & my family. I have lived in Tx for approximately 9yrs & before that I lived in Grayson county Ky. unfortunately back in 2007 I witnessed a tradegy that I had no part in & the whole county there considered me to be the cause of this horrific & disturbing accident....unfortunately at this point my life was being threaten daily after that horrible day & which me & my family at this point was forced to leave our home in which I was raised in & had to start all over again in Tx. Apparently since I had no part of this tradegy & there was no way to hold me accountable. Some one took it upon there self to make sure my life would eventually get ruined. On February 21st of 2016. I was pulled over for not signaling when making a turn as I waited for officer to eithier proceed with a warning or ticket..he approached my car then asked me to step out of car and read me my rights. I was shocked and asked why..he stated I have an outstanding warrant out of ky from 2011 which was a felony and was told I'm going to be extradited back to Ky where I was in fear of my life. In which I haven't step foot in Ky since 2007. Keep in mind this happen on a Sunday..my family immediately started researching & reviewing high rated attorneys & they found Paul which was an angel sent from above. Paul answered phone on a Sunday...yes a Sunday an was open to answer all questions. At this time Paul took complete control and advised my family which was terrified & scared for what would happen to me from all the death threats we received...that he was going to take immediate control to get this warrant lifted and assure my safety. My wife is a paralegal in tx and was blown away of the prompt service Paul did..we once was never put on hold..never once did we make a phone call or text & was told he's unavailable. No matter the time, the day or circumstance Paul made time to answer phone call, text and email. In which in itself is worth so much to a family in distress...that words cannot explain. Paul gave us more than acceptable service than anybody could imagine and I can honestly say Paul saved me from losing a 6 figure job and my life at this point. If your every put in a position and you need serious defense ASAP Paul is the gentleman you want to run to..you won't find many professionals in this world that's worried about your situation and you has a person...rather than just a pay check. He cares about you!!! Seriously...FYI I'm free and moving forward with life Thanks Paul

- John 03/07/2016

Its like he has super powers of persuasion...

Paul is an incredible attorney!!! I faced a DUI and was referred to Paul by a friend. He was very upfront and honest about my case and the options that I had. I caught 3 other charges while in the process of him working on the dui, one being a felony. Shear panic at the nightmare my life had become was quickly disolved as Paul worked his magic. Its like he has super powers of persuasion. Charges started being dropped...felony to misdemeanor. He worked 2 seperate cases of mine consecutively with out a hiccup or missed step. Extremely happy with the outcome. I would recommend him to anyone with legal trouble. Thanks Paul!!!

- Jeff 02/10/2016

Highly recommend

I would highly recommend Mr Dickman. He is professional, knowledgable and was very understanding. He made dealing with a difficult situation much easier. My only regret is that I didn't contact him sooner.

- William 01/19/2016

Lawyer Up With Paul

Paul took me from rock bottom, to the top of the mountain in the space of 2 weeks. He got 3 potential felonies downgraded to 1 misdemeanor, and the misdemeanor turned to the diversion program. He even got it to where I could do the diversion from Asia, where I live and work. Paul was always available to take a call from me, and never sounded at all annoyed when I called him at strange times. As a newcomer to the justice system I was fully mortified, but he eased my nervousness and had me on a plane back across the Pacific Ocean in only a 2 weeks. You shouldn't even be considering another lawyer, Paul is the real deal...believe the other reviews. I'm not being paid to write this, nor did Paul even request I do so. Mine, and I'd bet all the other reviews on here were written by people like me who are genuinely recommending him. If you find yourself in trouble, call Paul right away and kiss your troubles goodbye.

- anonymous 01/15/2016

The Best!

Paul Dickman is a superior lawyer. I contacted Paul from out of state for my criminal case. I had never been in trouble before and never had to deal with the 'legal system'. Paul always either took my calls or returned them right away. He explained things to me whenever I had a question (and I had many). In the courtroom he was excellent; he had a great rapport with the judge and prosecutor, but most importantly he didn't miss a thing and was one step ahead of everyone. I was amazed when he got the plaintiff and their witness to admit to their deceit and proved they were lying. Paul had them stumbling over their words. Verdict: NOT GUILTY! Thanks Paul.

- Julie 12/22/2015

Personal injury case !

Paul Dickman is a outstanding lawyer that cares about his clients and what happens . He goes above and beyond to make sure your well informed all the way through the process and always gives the truth to you on what he thinks the outcome is going to be and what he can do for you as you lawyer . Not only does he do that Paul will fight long and hard for you to make sure you get every penny you deserve from your personal injury case . Before I met Paul I had a real bad experience with a previous lawyer and said to myself I was going to try and go at it myself but before I ended up doing that I needed to find a question out so I went to avvo . After putting the question I needed answered in avvo I had received a few message from several lawyers and I started looking at all the reviews and Paul Dickman stood out above all of them so I put my pride to the side and sent him a email Paul replied back within a hour and asked me to call him after talking to paul for 20 min about the bad experience I had received he asked if I would come see him and go over the case and if I felt that he couldn't help me out that I could leave no hard feelings . I'm so happy I stayed and let him become my lawyer within 6 months Paul had settled my case with the other parties insurance company for the policy limits . Most cases like mine can last years and he had it all rapped up in 6 months and now he is going after my insurance company for the underinsured to make sure I get reimbursed for everything I have been through with my back injury from being rear ended . I would recommend Paul to anyone ! Paul is a hard working honest lawyer that really does fight for you my name is Roger and I would vouch for him and I will defiantly hire him in the future for anything that comes up in my life or my family and friends . Paul thank you for everything you have done for me I appreciate it more than you know and thank you for being professional and really listening to my concerns ..

- Roger 11/24/2015

great criminal defense attorney

Paul is a great attorney! I hired him in march for a criminal case that carried a sentence if 10-20 years and he got it reduced to a misdemeanor only served 90 days!! Very thorough!! Would recommend him to anyone!

- Kellie 08/15/2015

Very excellent and honest attorney who will fight for you.

Went above and beyond what needed to be done. Was told upfront what he was going to try and do and what all was going to be done as well as the total cost. Was in jail in another state facing extradition because of a felony warrant in KY. After 10 other attorneys told me not to waste my money and to just wait for extradition (which could of been an additional 90 days)because there was no attorney that could get this done and that they just wanted my money. However after talking with Paul I felt very comfortable with him and Paul Dickman said he would fight for us and did just that he was able to convince the Prosecutor and Judge to set aside my bond to allow me to get out and come back to KY and take care of this charge in person. Paul thanks again for everything and we will highly recommend Paul Dickman to anyone we know or will listen to us.

- anonymous 07/23/2015

DUI Trial - Not Guilty

Paul is very knowledgeable about the law and will do everything possible to win your case. When it became apparent that the prosecution was unwilling to amend the charges a trial date was set. I was very apprehensive about going to trial but Paul was confident that we could win the entire time. He was methodical in proving reasonable doubt to the jury. After closing arguments the jury deliberated for only 10 minutes before returning a not guilty verdict. This guy really is that good. Call him now.

- anonymous 07/11/2015

Excellent job!

He did a wonderful job being my attorney. He help me out in so many ways! I Am so grateful that I found such an awesome & understand attorney!

- Stephanie 06/16/2015

Excellent Attorney

We are not from KY but when we had legal issues in the state of KY we randomly chose Paul Dickman and he turned out to be a God send for strangers to KY law! Paul not only responded immediately to our inquiry but he handled our case and kept us well informed. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul he is very approachable, knowledgeable of the law and professional.

- Pamela 06/11/2015

amazing support and trustworthy!

Paul Dickman has tremendous legal knowledge and provided support in a time of confusion and stress. He was always available and provided details, time frames and guidance every step of the way. He responded in a quick manner always, I mean always, even via text. He offered his ear and answered questions kindly and honestly. He delivered what he said he would. His trustworthiness was so important in a stressful legal matter. I recommend him 100 times over. Thanks again Paul, for your hard work and your integrity. Thanks for contributing to my second chance!!

- anonymous 05/27/2015

and justice for all

Mr. dickman represented me a couple years ago in a case and let's just say he went above all expectations that I had. watching him work in the courtroom with the prosecuting attorney and the judge was amazing. he flat out saved my ass!! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs representation!! "better call Paul"

- Richard 04/27/2015

# 1 in my book!

Very charismatic & determined.  Paul will always be first in my book for personal legal questions.  He'll also be the first attorney I refer to any one in need of counsel.

- Nichole 04/21/2015

Excellent Lawyer, very reasonably priced

I retained Paul because I got a poss of controlled substances and he was $500 cheaper than anyone else I talked to. He got my warrant resolved so I did no jail time, he took time out of his day on Easter sunday to work on my case, very dedicated. Couldn't be happier with my choice. Better Call Paul!!

- Brian 04/06/2015


Mr. Dickman went above and beyond on my case. My case was very difficult, but Mr. Dickman had no problems with every aspect of it. If I ever have a problem again I will not hesitate to call Paul. All lawyers should strive to be like Paul.

- Jamie 03/25/2015

very pleased

I could not have asked for my case to go any better than it did. I was facing losing my license for 6 months, jail time and a steep fine (this was not a DUI). Paul got me out with a $50 fine plus court cost. I highly recommend his services.

- very satisfied 03/10/2015

Excellent Lawyer - flexible and answers his phone!!! A+

Paul was there for us when we needed him the most. He explained all the options, fought for our rights, and had an actual open dialogue about OUR options. We absolutely received the BEST possible outcome from one of the worst nights in our lives. Thank you Paul!

- Don 03/09/2015

Excellent Attorney

Paul was very helpful and honest with me. He always responded to my calls or emails in a very timely manner. I am very impressed with the professional manner in which he handled my case.

- David 02/12/2015

Won't let you down

Was falsely accused of a terrible crime. The first three lawyers I spoke to terrified me. Said that innocent or not, I would eventually be booked and spend time in jail during the trial. From the moment I first spoke to Paul, he immediately calmed my nerves. Told me he believed I was innocent and that he would do everything it took to keep me from ever being charged. He trusted me enough to let me take a polygraph test, which eventually proved my innocence and led to the whole thing being dropped without me ever being charged. If your facing anything serious, and need a lawyer you can trust, you'd better call Paul.

- Kyle 02/12/2015

I don't have any reason not to rate Excellent in every catagory. Paul gave me more than a fighting chance, he gave me my family

I stumbled upon Paul Dickman just by chance during an ugly custody case. A new employee at my workplace had overheard my conversation with my then current attorney and recommended his "friend". Desperate and skeptical I arranged a consultation. My normal past experiences with attorneys went like this " My price is $____ per hour, $____ per court appearance, $____ per everything else...so what's your problem" Paul had a totally different demeanor. He took immediate interest, listened to me state my grievances, looked at the stack of paperwork I had compiled and by the time I had finished he had already discovered something the court system never caught...she had warrants!! We eventually got around to pricing and Paul is not the cheapest but BY FAR the best value. His sales pitch was the best I've ever heard. " A good attorney knows the law, a GREAT attorney knows not only the law but the judge, prosecutor etc etc" His personality immediately puts you at ease. As a result of Paul's work and research I won full custody of my two boys! We have been a happy little family for over 7 years, the little boys are now young men. His professionalism is unique and strong but his personable skills are unmatched in his field, over the past 7 years Paul had long forgotten the details of my case but had remembered my sons' names! I will continue to use and recommend Paul Dickman for as long as I need legal services.

- Bill 10/14/2014


Paul was great! I had no knowledge of the court system and was so anxious. He always made me feel calm and was available all the time. I had a felony charge that was reduced to a misdemeanor and diversion. The charge will eventually be expunged from my record. Paul was amazing and totally trustworthy. He always let me know what to expect and kept me updated with all that I needed to know. I was a first time offender and Paul was an amazing support system with whom I trusted. Thanks Paul!!

- anonymous 10/08/2014

Highly recommended to anyone dealing with the Legal system and needs a confident reassuring guide

I have never had to deal with the legal system, until an incident I had with Johnny Law several months ago. Would have been a Felony, and if you don’t know, having one of those on your background check basically ruins your life. I could have gone out and beat the lights out of someone and got changed with a lesser degree crime than drug possession. But hey that’s just my issue with the system, and let me say it can be very confusing, if you don’t have help. That’s why if you have to deal with the legal system I recommend you give Paul Dickman a call. Paul knows how this game is played; He knows the buildings, he knows the judges, he knows the prosecutors, and he knows how to get results. He can walk you through all the confusing loops and turns to keep you and your loved ones from dealing with the terror of uncertainty that is the Legal System. What Paul really brings to the table is confidence, and that goes a long way. His confidence helped to reassure my family that we could deal with the issue and avoid having a big red mark on my record. Paul is also a steal of a deal for the service he provides, the cost of having a felony on ones record compared to the cost of his services is a clear answer to me. Highly recommended to anyone dealing with the Legal system and needs a confident reassuring guide.

- anonymous 08/27/2014


This guy is an amazing attorney! I easily could have went to jail, but with help from paul I didn't. He is very understanding with your situation, doesn't judge you and is still very kind. He costs are reasonable too! He is very laid back and gives off a friend type feeling versus a lawyer type! I hopefully won't ever need him in the future but if I do I will definetly use him.

- Polly 04/10/2014

He really is that good!

I will start off by saying I really don't like attorneys period. Paul is the exception. Our case is much different than most. It was a scenario of not knowing how the injury happened. It took almost a year to "connect all the dots." Paul has worked very hard and did tons of research. He gave me advice that I didn't really want to hear at times. But, hindsight he was right. Honesty and integrity go a very long way. Not once did he give up and gave encouragement to us when it was needed. He knows the law even in the "gray areas" that isn't written clearly in the law books. I lost of ton of time and money hiring the wrong attorneys. I am glad I found this attorney at the right time. He actually thinks before jumping the gun and I can tell you some other attorneys don't. Paul isn't the cheapest attorney but when it comes to your life and your family- second best isn't good enough. Paul is always responsive via text, email or phone. Over the last year or so; he has responded on weekends, late evenings and even early morning when others are still asleep. I could not imagine going through this tough time in our lives with someone else representing us- he truly does have my family's best interest in mind.

- Angie 01/14/2014

Hard-working, intelligent attorney

Mr. Dickman handled my case with determination, intelligence, persistence and thoroughness. He demonstrated his commitment to justice for all.

- Nisia 01/08/2014

Unbelieveable Attorney

I found myself in some trouble that I was not familiar with, and was beyond scared. I called Mr. Dickman based on the fact of other reviews that he had received and set up a meeting time with him to go and discuss the case. He was very flexible in the meeting times and was very willing to listen over the phone and told me to relax that he would help me figure this out in the best way possible. The day that we meet, we sat down and went over all of the details. After the details were discussed - he went over all of the possible scenarios that could happen. He asked me what my goals were and that he would fight for those goals as best as he could. Again, told me to relax that he would figure out the best possible solution. After a few days he called me and updated me on what was going on with the case and he told me that after talking to the other party that he was able to resolve the matter - nothing else was needed. All of my goals were met, beyond anything that I could have imagined. I know that I will never find myself in that situation again, however, I will be referring Mr. Dickman to anyone that I know that finds themselves in trouble. He is caring, he listens for understanding and he does what he says.

- anonymous 11/04/2013

The rusted trailer!

My husband and I have known Paul for several years now, we meet him re-guarding a suit my Great Uncle was involved in and have stayed in contact since( 6-7 years). My husband and I took in what we thought was a friend in off the street to help out and ended up in a bad situation. Long story starts now, my husband helped the guy haul a trailer to the junk yard (gaining nothing more then fuel money) believing him when he said he had permission from his girlfriends(was present) parents from the family owned property( no tickets in my husbands name, it was in theirs) to find out with in weeks that they both were hooked on heroin, I turned them into social services(they had a new baby), said friend and his girlfriend had a falling out and she tells Daddy that her babies dad and my husband stole some stuff from their property.....The night mare for my family starts here, my husband is charged with receiving stolen property over ten thousand dollars, I called Paul, he moved fast to have my husband released from jail (thank god)! My husband ends up taking the alford peal( meaning taking deal but refusal to admit guilt ) and agrees to diversion for 3 years( no more money to keep fighting and just wore out at this point) thinking that all will be ok and we can move on with our lives, WRONG! My husband is to report to probation monthly and they want all guns removed from house, we live in a split family home with my father all guns were in my fathers living quarters, and we had no access to), blah blah blah he is rearrested when Probation goes back on their word that they will come out and look at the house and then make a decision! All this happens a mist my father becoming very ill and being in the hospital having two surgeries within four days, Paul knew I had to have my husbands help , I work two jobs and have a child at home, my father is being released from the hospital with the understanding someone will be with him 24 hrs, Thanks to Paul and his big heart I have my husband everyday out on furloughs to help care for my father until this all can be resolved hopefully by the grace of God! Paul has received calls and texts from me around the clock with questions and fear, he offers all the help he can and more! I would tell anyone in a bad spot as we are to call him! He is very caring and takes his job above and beyond what is excepted of him!

- anonymous 09/13/2013

More than just a DUI!

I chose Paul Dickman to represent me on the advice of a friend for whom Paul had handled a rather tricky felony charge (successfully). Paul handled a DUI case for me in 2012 that had more major ramifications than simply losing my license or getting higher insurance rates; as a foster parent, I ran the risk of losing my fostering status if convicted of the charge. Paul understood this and undertook every effort to gain an acquittal (which he did). He examined the charges from every angle, questioned everything. He got the police video thrown out because it didn't sync to real time (by only a matter of a few seconds -- ingenious!) and even managed to block a good portion of the officer's testimony. Throughout the process, he kept me very involved and informed, texting or calling me to report every development, no matter how minor (although, as a defendant, nothing ever felt minor to me!). He explained the process thoroughly so that there were no surprises along the way, told me what to expect, and gave me constant encouragement and reassurance throughout. We wound up taking the case to trial, and Paul's cross-examination of the arresting officer had the poor man so flummoxed that I actually wound up feeling for the poor guy (hey, the officer was just doing his job...). The case that had me so stressed for months wound up with a unanimous not-guilty jury verdict in under forty minutes of deliberation. Would I recommend the services of Paul Dickman? Absolutely. He may not have actually saved my life, but at the time that's certainly what it felt like. And on a really happy ending note, Paul even recommended the family attorney when my wife and I wound up adopting the little boy we had fostered for a few years. Although I hopefully will not be requiring legal counsel any time soon, Paul Dickman is certainly who I will turn to if the need ever arises.

- Ron 07/18/2013

I Give Paul a 10/10

When faced with the worst possible aligations, I chose Paul to help protect me. He navigated me through the process, informing me of the multiple possible outcomes, and made descisions based on my wishes. In the end Mr. Dickman was able to show that the "evidence" being brought forward was false and the case was dismissed before it really began. Although they may be on the expensive side, you WILL get what you pay for. I trusted Dickman Law Offices and they delivered. I would recommend Paul and his partners to everyone.

- anonymous 06/30/2013

Personal Review foir Attoirnety Paul Joseph Dickman

i would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this attorney to anyone, who needs a trustworthy,dedicated, fair mand of integrity. I am priviledged to have been in contact with him in the last few weeks. My name is Celeste Johnson Peterson McCloudo

- Celeste 06/24/2013


I must say in my limited experience with attoneys, my experience with Mr. Dickman was beyond anything I can say. He was a guardian angel as he assisted my mother from abroad in Alabama with a 33 year old warrant issued in Cincinnati, Ohio. He went above and beyond for my mom. Based on his work, my mom is free. I will forever be grateful to him!!!

- Adrian 06/24/2013

Outstanding Attorney!

Paul is extremely intelligent, experienced, compassionate and highly skilled at obtaining justice for his clients. I was very satisfied with his preparedness and commitment to my case as well as with the results. I highly recommend his counsel and services.

- Heather 05/30/2013

Dont know what to do ? then Paul is the right choice for you!

Defended me in a wanton endangerment in the first degree/dui. He assured me time and time again that the charges would not hold up in court, as i worried my butt off. I sent emails and in the same day some within minutes he either called me or emailed me back. I will God forbid hire him again without a doubt! By the way all the charges were dropped down to just reckless driving. Paul Dickman Is my lawyer!

- Gabriel 03/24/2013