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black laptop keyboardAs use of the internet for businesses, consumer purchases and social purposes continues to grow, law enforcement agencies at the state and local  levels are aggressively searching for all forms of internet crime. If you have any reason to believe that you are facing an investigation, attorney Paul J. Dickman is an experiences computer crimes defense attorney in Covington, Kentucky.  He has the experience and analytical skills required to provide an effective defense in this type of complex case. Whether the alleged crime is a felony or a misdemeanor, the penalties can be severe and life altering.

Internet Computer Crimes

Internet crime defense is a relatively new area of law that continues to change and develop on a daily basis. Dickman Law has an extensive background in scientific research and is prepared to craft and employ creative legal strategies on your behalf. Our Computer Crimes team knows how to utilize digital forensic techniques to argue the prosecution’s evidence. Dickman Law will identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case while demanding that your rights be protected. Our excellent grasp of technical issues makes us more qualified than most to handle a wide variety of  state and local cases involving the following computer crimes:

  • Internet fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Internet theft
  • Identity theft
  • Computer sex crimes
  • Luring minors
  • Sale of illegal drugs
  • Unauthorized sale of prescription drugs
  • Computer hacking
  • Internet gambling
  • Cyber-stalking

Computer Crimes

Numerous internet offenses are considered crimes because the activity involved crosses state lines and can affect interstate commerce. Do not try to speak to investigators without proper representation. Most likely, the agents will assume you are guilty and will twist your words to be used against you. Whether you are facing hacking charges or child pornography charges, or anything in between, seeking the right Covington computer crimes attorney is your best defense.

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Attorney Paul J. Dickman standing at his desk at the Dickman Law OfficeIf you have been arrested, are under investigation for, or have been charged with a computer crime call 1-800-611-PAUL or contact our Covington, Kentucky, office for a free consultation with an computer crimes attorney experienced in internet crime defense. We represent clients from Covington, Newport, Fort Thomas, and other Kentucky and Ohio communities in a wide range of criminal cases, including those involving internet fraud, theft, and computer hacking.