Geotechnical and Toxic Torts

Geotechnical and Toxic Torts in Kentucky and Ohio

Chimneys spewing pollution into the air at twilightToday, individuals are often confronted with environmental issues such as pollution, surface and groundwater contamination, floods and water disputes, containment and disposal of toxic or poisonous substances, lead-based paint, as well as property damage arising from improperly engineered streets and concrete slabs. Ultimately, resolving these matters requires the advice and guidance of attorneys with knowledge of environmental laws and regulations.

Dickman Law Office represents clients in Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area on a wide range of Geotechnical and Toxic Tort matters. Because founder Paul J. Dickman was an environmental geologist and scientist before becoming an attorney, he understands engineering and technical matters as well as the applicable state and federal environmental laws. Attorney Dickman leverages his legal skills and scientific know-how to design creative solutions to a host of pressing challenges. For over 25 years, our legal team has helped clients resolve an array of environmental and land development issues.

Street Creep

Also called concrete creep, this phenomenon occurs as a result of the unpredictable movement, shift, and expansion of streets. In particular, negligently engineered streets and roads can cause street creep, resulting in damage to homes, foundations, basements, pools and other property — at times with costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. Municipalities and/organizations that lay concrete or asphalt for a road are required to conduct engineering studies, and design and build roads according to state and federal standards. When these specifications are overlooked, however, the result is a slow but steady movement of huge slabs of concrete which may push onto a building.

Dickman Law Office has decades of experience handling street creep claims. We provide a powerful combination of legal and scientific knowledge that makes us uniquely qualified to handle and resolve such claims. Through the years, we have helped our clients obtain significant compensation for street creep damage.

By prevailing in these cases, we help clients obtain funds for the repair and restoration of their property. At the same time, negligent parties are typically ordered to implement engineering solutions to stop any ongoing damage. If you are experiencing street creep or other damage as a result of improperly designed and built roadways, we have the skills and resources to achieve successful outcomes.

Landslides/Earth Movement

Just as a building can’t be constructed on a weak foundation, many soil and rock formations are not well suited for the placement of buildings. Therefore, detailed geotechnical engineering, the science behind dirt and rock, is essential to properly prepare the ground for construction activity. Engineers must adhere to specific requirements in monitoring the characteristics, compaction and water content of soils before buildings are placed.

When these requirements are not met or errors are made in the engineering phase, the resulting building damage can be significant — ranging from minor settling of concrete slabs and driveways to extensive foundation settling. Such settling can also cause substantial interior damage including cracked drywall, uneven doors, leaky roofs, and flooded basements.

At Dickman Law Office, our geotechnical and legal experience is unrivaled in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area. Prior to launching his legal practice, Paul J. Dickman was employed by several regional engineering firms as a Project Geologist and field technician. In this capacity, he gained firsthand knowledge of the required engineering standards and specifications applicable to land development and building sites.

This knowledge, combined with 25 years of courtroom experience, gives Dickman Law a clear advantage in resolving damage claims arising from landslides and earth movement. If negligent engineering has caused damage to your property or buildings, we know how to design a solution.

Surface and Groundwater Cases

At Dickman Law Office, we are well-versed in the federal and state laws governing surface and groundwater cases, including the Clean Water Act and Kentucky’s Conservation and State Development Law (Title XII K.R.S). We are also up to date on the current state and federal regulations and court precedents. These legal and regulatory guidelines have been established to combat pollution and contamination in the waterways as well as to clarify the rights and responsibilities of individuals, businesses and government agencies in the handling of surface and groundwater.

If a neighbor decides to dam up a stream that runs through your property, for example, or diverts the flow of water which subsequently floods your property, it is important to know your rights. Similarly, if a neighbor pollutes the groundwater next to your home, or a local business releases oil or hazardous waste into the groundwater or a stream near or on your property, it is crucial to have proper legal representation. For over 25 years, Dickman Law Office had handled cases for clients whose property was damaged or health was harmed due to the mishandling of surface or groundwater by other parties.

Toxic Torts

Today, toxic chemicals, substances, and pollution often remain undetected in homes and offices, causing serious injuries and illnesses. A toxic tort is a specific type of personal injury lawsuit that arises when an individual, or group of people, is harmed by exposure to chemicals or dangerous substances. Such lawsuits involve all types of harmful substances, including:

  • Lead-based paint — Often found in older homes, apartments or office buildings, lead-based paint is particularly dangerous for children who may eat lead paint chips or inhale paint dust.
  • Chemical exposure — Leaks from nearby gasoline or chemical holding tanks that have not been properly maintained can harm residents in a community.
  • Pesticides/toxins — Water and air can become contaminated, resulting in injuries and illnesses to those nearby when adequate care is not used with pesticides; workers who routinely handle pesticides can be harmed if they do not receive proper instruction on handling these chemicals.
  • Asbestos – Once commonly used in building homes and offices, asbestos can cause fatal damage to the lungs, heart, stomach and other internal organs (mesothelioma).

Based on his experience as an environmental scientist, Paul Dickman has in-depth knowledge of the proper handling and disposal of all types of toxic materials — lead-based paint, asbestos, heavy metals, gasoline, oil and hazardous chemicals.

Over our many years of practice, Dickman Law has represented clients who have sustained injuries or developed illnesses after being exposed to lead-based paint, gasoline, styrene, and toxic heavy metals such as chromium and arsenic. We have secured millions of dollars in settlements for families injured by exposure to styrene, hydrogen sulfide and diesel fuel. If you or a loved one has been harmed by exposure to toxic substances or hazardous chemicals, we can help.

Kentucky Geotechnical and Toxic Torts Attorney

Attorney Paul J. Dickman principal from the Dickman Law Office P.S.C. standing at his deskAt Dickman Law Office, we are committed to helping individuals obtain just compensation for property damage and personal injuries arising from violations of environmental laws and regulations. Attorney Paul Dickman employs his scientific background and legal experience to provide clients with valuable insights to resolve their most pressing environmental challenges. Call our office today or complete the contact form on our website to set up a free 30-minute consultation.