Do’s and Don’ts for a Personal Injury Defendant

Attorney Paul J. Dickman standing at his deskA personal injury can have devastating effects on a person’s life and the lives of their family. As a personal injury attorney who has represented both the plaintiff and the defendant in a multitude of claims, Dickman Law recognizes there are steps you should take if a personal injury has occurred because of your negligence and there are things you must avoid to help protect yourself if you find you are the defendant in a personal injury claim.

Dos for a Personal Injury Defendant

  • Do contact the police, even if you caused the accident. A police report may show other issues played a role in the accident and may negate some of your responsibility.
  • Do exchange information, including contact information and insurance information, with all parties of the accident.
  • Do photograph the scene of the accident. Take pictures of the damage, as well as the injuries if possible.
  • Do cooperate with police and medical responders.
  • Do seek medical attention. Whether you are aware of injuries or not, you should have a medical evaluation.
  • Do contact your insurance company to report the incident and the fact that others were injured.
  • Do enlist the representation of personal injury attorney to investigate your case and formulate the best defense for you.

Don’ts for a Personal Injury Defendant

  • Don’t leave the scene. You are required to remain at the accident scene until the police allow you to leave.
  • Don’t move your car. (Only move your car if it creates a severe safety hazard.)
  • Don’t interfere with police or emergency responders.
  • Don’t throw away or attempt to hide evidence.
  • Don’t discuss the circumstances of the accident with anyone, including the other person’s insurance.
  • Don’t admit guilt or apologize to anyone. There might be evidence or circumstances that can relieve you of the liability. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can establish you defense and help identify all liable parties.
  • Don’t sign settlement papers without the representation of an attorney.

KY Personal Injury Attorney

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