More than just a DUI!

I chose Paul Dickman to represent me on the advice of a friend for whom Paul had handled a rather tricky felony charge (successfully). Paul handled a DUI case for me in 2012 that had more major ramifications than simply losing my license or getting higher insurance rates; as a foster parent, I ran the risk of losing my fostering status if convicted of the charge. Paul understood this and undertook every effort to gain an acquittal (which he did). He examined the charges from every angle, questioned everything. He got the police video thrown out because it didn’t sync to real time (by only a matter of a few seconds — ingenious!) and even managed to block a good portion of the officer’s testimony. Throughout the process, he kept me very involved and informed, texting or calling me to report every development, no matter how minor (although, as a defendant, nothing ever felt minor to me!). He explained the process thoroughly so that there were no surprises along the way, told me what to expect, and gave me constant encouragement and reassurance throughout. We wound up taking the case to trial, and Paul’s cross-examination of the arresting officer had the poor man so flummoxed that I actually wound up feeling for the poor guy (hey, the officer was just doing his job…). The case that had me so stressed for months wound up with a unanimous not-guilty jury verdict in under forty minutes of deliberation. Would I recommend the services of Paul Dickman? Absolutely. He may not have actually saved my life, but at the time that’s certainly what it felt like. And on a really happy ending note, Paul even recommended the family attorney when my wife and I wound up adopting the little boy we had fostered for a few years. Although I hopefully will not be requiring legal counsel any time soon, Paul Dickman is certainly who I will turn to if the need ever arises.