Unbelieveable Attorney

I found myself in some trouble that I was not familiar with, and was beyond scared. I called Mr. Dickman based on the fact of other reviews that he had received and set up a meeting time with him to go and discuss the case. He was very flexible in the meeting times and was very willing to listen over the phone and told me to relax that he would help me figure this out in the best way possible. The day that we meet, we sat down and went over all of the details. After the details were discussed – he went over all of the possible scenarios that could happen. He asked me what my goals were and that he would fight for those goals as best as he could. Again, told me to relax that he would figure out the best possible solution. After a few days he called me and updated me on what was going on with the case and he told me that after talking to the other party that he was able to resolve the matter – nothing else was needed. All of my goals were met, beyond anything that I could have imagined. I know that I will never find myself in that situation again, however, I will be referring Mr. Dickman to anyone that I know that finds themselves in trouble. He is caring, he listens for understanding and he does what he says.