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Halloween is upon us and you know what that means. Trick or treat! This pastime brings joy to countless kids across America. Let’s keep the good times rolling this Halloween season by keeping some key trick or treat safety tips in mind.

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Trick or treating is all about the fun. There is a lot going on as waves and waves of kids flood neighborhoods with their elaborate costumes and oversized bags, hoping to be filled with candy by the end of the evening. Before you set out on the trick or treat trail, remember these tips to help stay safe and injury-free.

For starters, plan on trick or treating with others. Safety in numbers is a time-honored idiom for a reason. Trick or treating as a group ensures visibility. It means there are other sets of eyes on the lookout for hazards. It also means a good time! So, never trick or treat alone. Go along with a friend, neighbor, or family member instead.

Additionally, be sure to map out your trick or treat route. Keep it in familiar neighborhoods. Let your family know what it is so they know where to look for you if they need to. As you proceed along your route, avoid the urge to run. Walk at a safe pace and stay on sidewalks. Obey any traffic signals and signs and never assume that a car is going to grant you the right of way, even when you should have the right of way.

Make yourself as visible as possible while you are out trick or treating. Consider wearing clothing that has reflective markings or add some reflective tape to your costume. And speaking of costume safety, make sure your costume is the proper length so that you don’t spend all night tripping over it. Wear properly fitted, comfortable shoes as well. And, if a mask is part of your costume, take it off in between houses to make sure you can see your best.

Carry a flashlight if you can. It is also a good idea to bring a cell phone. Incidentally, your cell phone can double as a flashlight (with the flashlight feature on it). So, take your phone and kill two birds with one stone as you set out on a safe and sound trick or treating journey.

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Happy Halloween from the whole team at Dickman Law Offices! If someone’s negligence has endangered your safety this Halloween and you have been injured in an accident as a result, know that we will be here to help see to it that you are properly compensated for the harm you have suffered. On Halloween and every day of the year, we are here for you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. Contact us today.

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