Experts that You May Encounter During Your Personal Injury Claim

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When you get hurt in an accident, your first thought is to take care of your injuries. This is important since you want to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. But when your injury was caused by another person, you are going to also want to file a personal injury lawsuit. In this situation, you will file suit against the person or parties that caused your personal injury

While it may sound simple, it is a complex process that involves many professionals. These are the people that you and the party you are suing may want to call as expert witnesses in personal injury cases. Understanding who these experts are and what they can contribute is crucial to successfully litigating your personal injury claim. Expert testimony can also help you get a better settlement of your personal injury claim. Here in Kentucky, the law allows plaintiffs like you to introduce an entire range of expert testimony. While it may be costly, hiring experts is often well worth the expense.

Medical experts

These may be the most important experts you will call during your case. Medical experts are often physicians or other medical professionals who will testify to the extent and severity of your injuries. They will let the jury know the damage that was done as a result of your personal injury, the prognosis for recovery, and any lingering disabilities you may suffer. To do this, the medical expert will review your file and conduct an independent medical examination of you before trial. You will also probably have to undergo one performed by a medical expert hired by the defendant. 

Economic Experts

Many personal injury claims involve a request for payment of lost wages, diminished earnings capacity, and other financial impact. This person holds an advanced degree in finance or accounting and will speak to how you have been financially impacted by your personal injury. They will review your earnings before the accident, and then show how any physical injuries may limit or diminish your ability to continue to earn the same amount as you were before it happened.

Mental Health Experts

If you are filing a claim that your injury caused you emotional distress, then you will need to have a mental health expert testify on your behalf. This expert will be either a psychiatrist or psychologist and will be able to show the jury how you have suffered from pain and suffering as a result of the personal injury. However, just like medical experts, the defendant will most likely hire its own mental health expert to review your file, conduct an independent examination of you, and testify on behalf of the defense.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

One of the key elements of a personal injury claim is causation. The plaintiff needs to show that he or she suffered injury as a result of the actions or negligence of the defendant. An accident reconstruction expert will use models, diagrams, and computer animation to demonstrate to a jury how the accident occurred. The expert will also explain how the defendant injured you. If your expert can demonstrate causation better than any expert introduced by the defense, then you will be able to show liability in your personal injury claim.

Non-Testifying Experts

Not all experts testify at trial. Many attorneys need the assistance of specialized professionals to assist in preparing for a personal injury case. For example, if your case involves a great deal of financial information, you may need to hire a forensic accountant to assist your personal injury attorney. A forensic accountant is trained to go through bank statements and financial information to spot issues for a case, working directly with the lawyer.

While most personal injury cases are settled before trial here in Kentucky, there are still many that are heard before a jury. If your case is getting ready for trial, your attorney may consider hiring a jury expert. This person goes through the profiles of each potential jury and develops a strategy to help select jurors who may be more sympathetic to your personal injury case.

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