Kentucky man charged with DUI after crashing into tree

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Drunk driving charges are serious, but those charges can become even more serious if someone flees the scene of an accident. That appears to be the case for one Kentucky man who now faces drunk driving charges after crashing his vehicle into a tree.

The accident happened on the evening of Jan. 5. The 32-year-old man reportedly drove his 1994 Toyota Corolla off the road and through a fence before hitting a tree. Police claim that alcohol was a contributing factor.

According to authorities, the man fled the scene of the accident, but was later found at a nearby residence. He was taken to St. Claire Regional Medical Center to be treated for his injuries. However, his injuries were not life-threatening.

In addition to drunk driving charges, the man also faces other criminal charges, including operating on suspended or revoked operator’s license, failure of owner to maintain required insurance, possession of open alcohol beverage container in a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the accident.

Those who are convicted of drunk driving can face harsh penalties. In addition to fines and loss of driver’s license, individuals can face time behind bars.

Kentucky residents who have been charged with DUI may benefit from working with an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney can mount an aggressive defense against the charges, and work to have the charges reduced or completely dismissed.

Those who are facing drunk driving charges may feel helpless, but there are places to turn for help. Everyone deserves a strong defense, and an attorney can work towards the best possible outcome while protecting the rights of the accused.

Source: The Morehead News, “Driver cited for DUI,” Jan. 6, 2011

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