DUI Defense for Multiple DUIs in Cincinnati

If you are facing repeat charges for a DUI, OVI or DWI in Cincinnati, OH, the law mandates that you undergo a drug and alcohol assessment. In most cases, the assessment will lead to a treatment program for a person with multiple DUIs. Ohio law also dictates that an ignition interlock is installed in the offender’s vehicle if any driving privileges are maintained.

Mandatory jail time for multiple DUIs increases with each offense. For a second charge, if found guilty, the offender can be sentenced with:

  • 10 days up to 6 months in jail
  • fines ranging from $475 to $10,500
  • a yellow DUI license plate on your vehicle indicating you have multiple DUIs on record
  • a driver’s license suspension for one to five years

Penalties for a third, fourth or fifth DUI are substantially tougher with each conviction.

A specialized DUI Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati knows Ohio’s laws and can help protect your rights. The laws are ever-changing and are increasing in strictness. If you have the wrong counsel, whether you are facing your first DUI or multiple DUIs, your livelihood and your future could be ruined.

Always maintain a respectful attitude when interacting with law enforcement, but do not allow anyone to bully you into compromising your rights. Utilize your right to remain silent. Contact Paul Dickman, the best DUI Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati, to instruct you on each step to take.

Having a designated driver or calling a taxi is always your best option. Unfortunately, people do not always go with their best resources. If you are facing a DUI, even multiple DUIs, contact Paul Dickman for a free consultation. He will go with his best resources, and will defend your rights.

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