Cincinnati DUI Charges and Your Defense

When a man was found in his wrecked car at the end of May, 2013, he reportedly admitted to drinking and driving. Police reports show that his blood alcohol (BAC) content was .205, well above the legal Ohio limit of .08. WOTV 9 stated that the man did not hit any other motorist in the process of his crash.

DUIs can have serious consequences for the driver. Thankfully, this driver did not cause bodily harm to himself or anyone else. When police suspect a driver is under the influence, there are multiple methods of testing a person’s blood-alcohol content. Breath, blood and urine tests can be useful to police in establishing a BAC. Breath tests are the most common. Blood and urine tests are usually used if a person is unable to complete a breath test due to medical reasons.

DUI Defense Strategies

Paul Dickman, a specialized Cincinnati DUI Defense Lawyer, knows that Ohio law mandates that all BAC tests are performed under strict guidelines for timing and procedures used. For example, a trained medical professional must conduct a blood test and must complete the blood test within three hours of the arrest. Proper labeling and storage is critical. If the guidelines and procedures are not followed in their entirety, the results may be ruled inadmissible in the court proceedings.

Best Cincinnati DUI Defense Lawyer

The best DUI defense is having a designated driver or calling a taxi. However, if you find yourself facing Cincinnati DUI charges, Paul Dickman should be the first person you call. He and his team will investigate every aspect of your case and work to have the charges reduced or dropped completely. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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