As DUI laws become more stringent, the sentencing for a DUI conviction can be severe. Many drivers must spend time in jail, pay large fines, and suffer a suspended driver’s license. If you are charged with a DUI in Covington, Defense Lawyer Paul Dickman can guide you through the trial process and assist in seeking sentencing alternatives for you.

Most of the alternative sentencing programs were enacted to rehabilitate, in addition to punishing, the convicted drunk driver. Some alternative sentencing allows the DUI convicted driver to keep their employment while attending an alcohol and drug treatment program.

Following are a few of the sentencing alternatives that the Covington Law Firm of Paul Dickman may be able to help you receive:

  • Work furlough – allowing a convicted individual to go to their place of work during the workday and then return to a state monitored facility to stay the night.
  • Work release – allowing a convicted person to work a court-ordered job during the day and then return home to sleep during the night.
  • Substance abuse treatment – may be inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation facility.
  • House arrest – a monitoring device must be worn that will alert authorities if the convicted person leaves the designated area.
  • Transdermal monitoring – a monitoring device is worn that will alert authorities if a DUI convicted driver consumes any alcohol.

The options you may be offered will depend on your case and your history. Paul Dickman is a tenacious defense lawyer that will strive to help you receive the best sentencing alternative for you. Contact our Covington office today for a free consultation.