Two Kentucky men receive drug charges

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Drug-related crimes can carry serious consequences including but not limited to long prison sentences and hefty fines. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain what suspicions lead to an arrest for a drug crime such as drug possession, trafficking and manufacturing in Kentucky. Unfortunately, local newspaper’s articles are not always helpful because they are based on the initial police reports and do not immediately provide detailed information surrounding the events in question.

A local newspaper reported late last month that two Kentucky men were arrested in Frankfort for various drug crimes. Police arrested the two after purportedly conducting a series of undercover purchases. The details behind the undercover operations were not available. Allegedly, the two men sold 33 Percocet pills for a total of $800 to the undercover officers.

Police obtained a search warrant after conducting the purchases. Upon further investigation they found 15 Percocet pills and a small amount of marijuana in a Frankfort residence. Police also found $3,700 in cash. However, information was not released regarding how the Percocet was obtained by the suspects or where it was discovered in the house.

The men are both facing charges for trafficking Percocet as well as possession of not only the Percocet but also marijuana. Additionally, one of the suspects allegedly provided a false name to the officers.

Finding 15 Percocet pills, a small amount of marijuana, and $3,700 in cash does not necessarily constitute criminal conduct. It could be that the Percocet was legally obtained with a prescription. However, selling the prescription drug is a crime. Nevertheless, the consequences for conviction on the charges alleged are potentially severe, including substantial prison terms and fines. The two men should consult with an experienced Kentucky criminal law attorney. Effective legal counsel may be able to put together a presentation of a strong and meaningful defense that yields a fair result.

Source: The State Journal, “Duo charged with drug trafficking,” Sept. 30, 2011

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