Attempted murder trial in Kentucky takes twists and turns

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It was a busy day for the Bracken County Kentucky Circuit Court on September 29, as testimony on attempted murder charges resumed. The trial is being conducted for two men, ages 17 and 29. Each with their own criminal defense attorney, both men were charged in the events that took place January 22. At issue are the facts surrounding a drug deal that went wrong in which at least one gunshot was fired.

An 18-year-old female testified in court as to what she says happened during the failed drug buy. The intention was to purchase drugs, but when three of her companions attempted to get the drugs, things went wrong and a gun was fired. The bullet allegedly passed through the vehicle’s trunk, through the back seat and front seat before striking one of the people inside the car in the left leg. The alleged weapon was a 9 mm Luger that was later found in one of the accused’s home. Warrants for were served on two of the participants on January 24, and the gun was seized from the home of the 17-year-old defendant.

After the gun fired, the group of teens then fled the scene in the vehicle that they had borrowed from the 17-year-old’s mother. A Bracken County deputy spotted them on Kentucky 19 and pulled them over. It also came out during the trial that the two minors would not be tried as adults in return for cooperating with the police and truthful testimony.

This trial also presented a myriad of twists and turns as others took the stand to testify. While each young man has his own criminal defense attorney, the whole truth of what occurred that day may be a while in coming out.

Source: The Maysville-online, “Teens testify about Jan. 22 drug deal and shooting,” Wendy Mitchell, Sept. 29, 2011

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