Two arrested on drug trafficking charges

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Drug offenses in the state of Kentucky carry stiff consequences, with penalties compounding in relation to the amount of drugs possessed and alleged intents of the accused regarding use and/or distribution of the materials seized. A Clayhole man and another male from Alcoa, Tennessee were arrested on multiple drug possession and drug trafficking charges on October 3.

The arrests occurred on a Monday afternoon when the Clayhole man was pulled over by the Kentucky State Police, assisted by a K-9 unit. There is no indication the man from Alcoa was present during the traffic stop. Police reports indicate that the K-9 unit “alerted on the vehicle,” indicating a presence of illegal drugs. A subsequent search of the vehicle was said to result in the discovery of an undesignated amount of contraband.

Police apparently then procured and executed a search warrant at the Clayhole home of the accused, where over 50 pounds of marijuana was said to have been seized, in addition to a large amount of cash and some weapons. Police are also reporting that other items found lead to additional charges of drug trafficking, though there was no further information to back up the seemingly conclusory statement.

It appears the man from Alcoa was present at the time the search warrant was executed, presumably forming the basis for his arrest. No other facts were offered to support the implication that he was involved in illegal activity. Nevertheless, police are suggesting there may be other charges brought against both men.

The Kentucky State Police have reportedly been working on this investigation for two months. It is, however, vital to remember that both men remain innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

Source: The WKYT, “Two arrested on drug trafficking charges,” Katie Roach, Oct. 4, 2011

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