Kentucky man charged with sex offenses

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A Kentucky man was arrested in Franklin after reports of an attempted rape and sexual assault. The alleged crimes of assault and robbery affected two women and arise from two separate incidents which police say took place on the same night. The alleged offender is said to have threatened murder and is currently being held at Simpson county jail.

According to police the first woman was approached in the street in the early evening and forced to take the man on a car ride. He is reported to have threatened her with rape, physical abuse and death in order to make her follow his orders. She is said to have taken him to several locations and on each occasion he made her drive off again. The incident ended when she refused to drive down a dead end road. She was able to flash the lights on her vehicle and honk the horn to alert another motorist of her distress. At that point the suspect left the car and ran off.

After the initial assault the man proceeded onto a video store. It is there that the second woman was sexually assaulted. The suspect told the woman he was going to kill her and held a pen to her throat to maintain control. She alleges he held her down, using his 100 pound weight advantage, and both assaulted and robbed her.

The police say that the suspect made incriminating statements and that they are expecting to add further charges. The man will likely face lengthy and involved criminal proceedings.

Defendants in such serious cases may be best served to use the services of a criminal defense attorney. Doing so might help prepare any defense and allow the defendant’s rights to be properly protected. The value of any incriminating evidence and additional details pertaining to the alleged crimes may be placed under attorney scrutiny, and in turn be able to be used to build a defense.

Source: Daily News, “Man accused of raping video store employee,” Deborah Highland, Sept. 13, 2011

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