Three Kentucky men arrested on drug charges

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Three Kentucky men were recently arrested on drug charges after authorities conducted a two week investigation.

According to the news source, detectives received information that the three men were dealing marijuana. They conducted a sting operation on the evening of Jan. 3, and say they found more than four pounds of marijuana after stopping their vehicle. They also alleged to have found hundreds of dollars of cash that authorities say is from previous drug sales.

The men range in age from 25 to 32. Two of the men were charged with complicity to trafficking marijuana over eight ounces. The third man was charged with facilitation to trafficking marijuana over eight ounces.

One of the men was on probation for a previous crime. All three of the mean were taken to jail after their arrests.

These three men could face harsh penalties if convicted of the charges, but working with an experienced criminal defense attorney may prove to be valuable for them. Those in Kentucky and elsewhere who find themselves in trouble with the law may wish to work with an experienced attorney. An attorney can explore all of the evidence, and begin working on a strong criminal defense.

Although police investigated the three men for two weeks, they may have the facts of the case wrong. As with all criminal cases, these three mean are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Every person deserves a criminal defense, and these men may find the charges will be dropped.

Source: KFVS, “3 arrested in undercover drug bust,” James Long, Jan. 4, 2011

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