What’s the Law on Lesser Included Offenses in Kentucky?

A lesser included offense is defined in criminal law as a crime that contains all the elements necessary to impose guilt on the defendant and also contains all the elements that are found in a more serious conviction.

Lesser included offenses can be a critical part of the defense for a criminal jury trial. Offenses such as robbery or aggravated assault can have many lesser included offenses. Other offenses such as DUI misdemeanor do not have any lesser included offenses. A criminal defense attorney at Dickman Law Office in Covington, Kentucky can help you determine if you should seek a lesser included offense as part of your defense.

Examples of Lesser Included Offenses in Kentucky

Kentucky law has a total of four criminal charges that can involve homicide. Homicide is defined as the unlawful taking of another person’s life. Murder is the most severe criminal charge with the highest level of consequences. The other three forms of homicide charges are considered as lesser included offenses of murder, and include manslaughter 1st or 2nd degree and reckless homicide. If the evidence in a murder trial supports the jury in finding a lesser included offense, the court will give clear instruction to the jury that they could find the defendant guilty of a lesser included offense.

Criminal Defense Strategy in Covington, Kentucky

The laws pertaining to a lesser included offense in Kentucky are complex. It is imperative for your future to enlist a criminal defense attorney who can explore all avenues for your defense if you face a criminal conviction. Contact Dickman Law Office in Covington, Kentucky today to begin building your case.

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