How to Get Your Kentucky Rap Sheet

With unemployment issues across the country, many unemployed individuals are more concerned about their past criminal record, or their rap sheet, that may prevent acquiring a new job. There are many things you can do to clear your arrests and convictions. The criminal defense attorney in Covington, KY at Dickman Law Office can help you get your records and guide you through the process of cleaning up your rap sheet.

There are two places to get your rap sheet in Kentucky:

  1. Request your records from the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)
  2. Request your records from the Kentucky State Police (KSP)

It used to be difficult to acquire your criminal records, and it was even more difficult for an employer to gain access to your records. However, because criminal proceedings are public, the internet has made your rap sheet more accessible.

It is imperative for you to request the formal Department of Justice records and review them for accuracy. You will have to provide fingerprints and identification verification to gain a copy of your rap sheet.

How to Clean Up Your Rap Sheet in Kentucky

Kentucky law can provide ways to help your rap sheet, although there is no way to make your entire record disappear. You can update your records to show you have completed all requirements from your past mistakes to, in essence, show you have been rehabilitated. Legal options to help reduce the negative effects of your past include:

  • Expungement
  • Sealing arrest records
  • Sealing juvenile arrest records
  • Pardon from the governor

Attorney Guidance for Your Rap Sheet

Contact Dickman Law Office in Covington, KY to discuss your best options for your rap sheet.

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