Steps You Should Take After an Arrest in Covington

An arrest can jolt your life into a gear you never expected and never wanted. Your freedom, your future and your family will change if you are found guilty of a crime. A skilled and reputable criminal defense lawyer at Dickman Law Office in Covington recognizes how critical your defense is to your life. As soon as you are allowed to call someone, you need to contact our law firm.

Specific steps you must take after an arrest to protect your rights and help in your defense include:

  1. Remain silent – your Miranda rights allow you to keep your silence, and you should always remain silent. You should only speak to a lawyer regarding anything even remotely related to your arrest.
  2. Look out for your own interests – if you are arrested with a friend or two, or even a distant acquaintance, you cannot disclose any information to them. You have to watch out for yourself and never trust anyone who was arrested with you. The closest friends or family will most likely speak against you if they believe it will better their chance of not being charged. Only speak to your lawyer.
  3. Always remain respectful – just because you remain silent does not mean you have to be inconsiderate, hateful or disrespectful. Your only reason for not speaking is to prevent incriminating yourself. You will not win at trying to spite the police. Remain calm and polite and stand firm in your desire to speak to a lawyer.
  4. Request to enlist a lawyer’s representation – as soon as you make this request, the police must stop questioning you. Contact Dickman Law Office for the most reliable representation.
  5. Relay all information to your lawyer – do not withhold any information, even if you think it will incriminate yourself. Your lawyer cannot build a solid defense if you do not divulge all facts related to the arrest. If you fail to tell the truth, the prosecution will use it against you in the courtroom.

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