Defending Your Rights in Covington, Kentucky

Covington, Kentucky could soon join our neighbors in Cincinnati, Ohio with a law allowing DNA collection upon an arrest for a felony charge. Ohio, along with 24 other states has already passed a law allowing this procedure. In Kentucky, DNA collection is still not permitted until a person has been convicted of a felony, but members of the House Judiciary Committee have approved a bill, House Bill 89, that would change this procedure.

Law enforcement efforts, along with prosecution efforts are increasing across the country. If you are facing criminal charges in Covington, seek the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer who will build a case exhausting all efforts in defending your rights.

In addition to allowing the collection of your DNA upon an arrest, House Bill 89 also allows the DNA sample to be uploaded to the national DNA database. In the event that the defendant is found not guilty, the accused person can request that his or her DNA information be removed from the national database. Many opponents to the bill feel that this early collection is an infringement of constitutional rights.

Every criminal defense case is unique, and; therefore, it is imperative to have the best lawyer defending your rights. In Covington, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Paul Dickman will vigorously fight for you.  Paul and his team will ensure that your rights are not violated. Our firm will conduct a thorough investigation to develop a case that will hold prosecutors to their burden of proof. We will ensure that all procedures are carried out to the letter of the law. Defending your rights is our primary focus. We always offer a free initial consultation.

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