Accident Claims the Lives of Four People

A high profile accident in Las Vegas last month claimed the lives of four people and caused personal injury to at least seven. Initial DUI testing results were unclear, although, police stated that the driver was clearly intoxicated.

On September 13th, pedestrians were waiting at a bus stop when a 23-year-old male crashed into them. Three women and one man were killed; seven others were injured.

Records show that police followed standard procedures in testing for, potential DUI vehicular homicide, in taking the driver’s blood three times to test his blood-alcohol content. Officers suspected the man had been driving drunk due to the smell of alcohol on his breath.

The timing of the blood tests and the results are in question.  Initially, investigators showed the suspect’s blood was first drawn two hours after the crash. However, reports show a BAC of 0.087 for the driver 45 minutes after the crash. It is unclear when this blood sample was drawn, or if a different, untried method of testing was conducted.

Blood collection, and testing, has the potential to be mishandled. Conflicting reports will lead prosecutors to do much more investigating before they are able to prove the suspect was drunk at the time of the crash.

It is clear that this suspect’s driving is responsible for the loss of four people’s lives and multiple injuries to others. Conclusions; however, are very unclear if this man will be charged with felony drunk driving, or if evidence will show he had other extenuating circumstances resulting in this tragic accident.

Source: MSNBC, “Prosecutors: 3rd test shows bus stop crash driver was drunk,” Sept. 26, 2012

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