Winter Personal Injuries in Covington

Wintry conditions including ice, sleet, snow and rain can demand that extra precautions be taken for simple daily tasks such as walking to your car after work. Emergency room visits increase dramatically for slip and fall personal injuries during the winter months in Covington and surrounding communities.
Slip-and-fall accidents can cause both minor injuries, such as bruises and pulled muscles, and major injuries from broken bones to head injuries. It is important to follow these tips if you suffer injury from slipping:

• Seek medical help quickly. If you suffer from a personal injury that will incur medical bills, rehabilitation or even disability, it is imperative to have medical documentation to assist in recouping costs and lost wages.

• Provide a detailed report to the property owner, property manager or landlord. Any supporting information provided by emergency staff, doctors, police officers or property owners will help develop your personal injury case.

• Include photographs in your report of the environment that caused the fall.

• Get written information from witnesses. Gather phone numbers, addresses and emails of all witnesses.

• Do not settle with an insurance company prior to consulting with a Personal Injury Lawyer. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible and may not give you a fair settlement.

Every person injured in a Covington slip-and-fall accident has unique circumstances that should be evaluated by a personal injury lawyer with the experience to recognize and understand the nuances of each case. The team at Paul Dickman can ensure you take every necessary step to recover financially from your accident. Contact us today.

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