What Are the Causes of Fatal Car Crashes in Covington?

In Covington and around the U.S., wrongful deaths occur daily in fatal car crashes. Loved ones are left to try to pick up the pieces of their lives and continue without the lost one’s help. Almost 40,000 people perish in car accidents every year.

Six Top Causes of Wrongful Death in a Car Accident

  1. Alcohol use is the number-one killer in automobile accidents.  Even after recent statistics continue to show a decrease in the number of alcohol-related deaths, driving while intoxicated still causes the most fatalities in car accidents.
  2. Adverse weather conditions are another leading cause of fatalities in car wrecks. Rain, snow, sleet and ice cause less than desirable driving conditions. Other drivers, who choose not to consider weather conditions when driving, should be held accountable if they cause a wrongful death.
  3. Drivers who are distracted cause a high number of fatal accidents. Eating, drinking, applying make-up, texting, talking to passengers, talking on a cell phone or fatigue can all cause a driver to become negligent.
  4. Using marijuana can impair a driver’s reaction time and can cause fatal accidents.
  5. A driver who suffers seizures can be a risk to other drivers. There are laws in place to keep those who suffer seizures not controlled by medication from driving.
  6. High speeds are also one of the highest contributors to fatal accidents. Research has shown that for every 3.1-mph increase over a 37 mph speed, the risk of crashing involving a death doubles.

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