83-year-old Kentucky philanthropist loses life in pedestrian accident

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A Kentucky woman of the community was killed in a pedestrian accident that could be described as a wrongful death or an ironic tragedy. The 83-year-old woman exited the front door of the house that she called home for nearly 52 years on Tuesday morning, Nov. 22, 2011. At approximately 10:20 in the morning, she did something that would never be described as dangerous but would end her life that day.

The elderly woman took her garbage out the front door. She brought it to the garbage truck in the street but was hit by the truck instead.

Emergency response teams were immediately called to the scene. Medical technicians attempted to save her airlift her to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment for her injuries, but the rain prevented the pilots from coming to the scene. The medical technicians pronounced her death on the spot.

Police were not immediately able to determine what caused the garbage truck to strike the woman in front of her home. Per state law, the driver was taken in for drug and alcohol testing – results of which were not reported.

The woman who was killed was described as a philanthropist who did everything to help those around her. She sacrificed her time and her energy to ring the Salvation Army bell in front of stores, drove cancer patients to their treatment centers and was ready to help any neighbor at any time.

The elderly woman left a family behind who loved her. Her son summed up the loss when he said that it was not going to be a loss “just for us, but for the whole Northern Kentucky community.” It is unclear whether the family will seek compensation in a civil suit for the loss of their loved one.

Source: cincinatti.com, “N.Ky. matriarch Mary Middleton killed by garbage truck,” Nov. 23, 2011

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