Man charged with drunk driving and murder in Kentucky car crash

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Facing drunk driving charges in Kentucky can be serious if convicted of those charges. Facing those same charges with the added charge of murder can be life-changing. Such is the case for one 20-year-old Hazard man whose drunk driving may have led to the death of another.

According to the Kentucky State Police, a 68-year-old man died in a two-car crash that happened earlier this month. The driver of the other car was heading south on Kentucky 20 when he ran off the road and hit the guard rail. Police report that the man then overcorrected, crossed the center line and hit a northbound car driven by the deceased, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the first car was treated for injuries and then transported to the Kentucky River Regional Detention Center. He was charged with murder and DUI. It is not known if additional charges are pending.

The young man in this case is facing serious charges that could land him behind bars for a long time. He may also be held liable for his actions in civil actions as well should the deceased man’s family pursue that course of action. All of these immense legal problems caused because of one bout of drinking too much and then driving when he should not have done so.

As is true for all U.S. citizens, this individual is considered innocent until proven guilty of the charges in a court of law. As such, he has certain legal rights that must be protected and respected as he awaits the outcome of his case. Individuals, who face drunk driving charges, as well as other criminal charges, may wish to contact an experienced Kentucky criminal defense lawyer to explore their options and to get guidance as to the best course of action available to them. Presenting a strong legal defense is one right we all have.

Source: The Republic, “Eastern Kentucky driver charged with murder, DUI in fatal crash,” Nov. 4, 2011

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