How to Prepare Yourself for Court


It does not matter how many crime dramas you may have seen on TV, going to court is an intimidating experience. This is especially true if you are the defendant in a criminal case. Going before the judge in your case can make you really feel the weight of your situation. Because the courtroom experience can be overwhelming, you should be as prepared as possible for your court appearance. How do you do this? Let’s talk about this more.

How to Prepare Yourself for Court

First and foremost, you will go through extensive trial prep with your attorney. They should go over every detail multiple times. They should give you details on what the process will look like and what your role in the process will be. If you are testifying, your attorney will coach you through this as well. 

On top of trial preparation with your attorney, however, there are also details you should remember about courtroom etiquette. Going to court means that you will have to demonstrate respect for the judge and the authority he or she has in the courtroom. Your dress, mannerisms, behaviors should all reflect this. As far as dress is concerned, you should plan to dress conservatively. Avoid being too casual, such as wearing jeans. Do not wear a hat or sunglasses. If you do, the bailiff will likely instruct you to remove them upon entering the courtroom anyway.

On the day you are to be in court, plan to be not just on time, but early. Arriving early for your scheduled court appearance is a good idea on a lot of levels. The cushioned area granted by an early arrival will give you time to settle in and not worry about showing up late. Once in the courtroom, carefully listen to instructions by the judge. When speaking to the judge, address him or her as “your honor.” While seated in the courtroom, maintain as calm and steady composure as possible. Avoid rolling eyes or other behaviors that may be construed as disrespectful.

All of this preparation for proper courtroom etiquette is very important. Whether we like it or not, we all make first impressions based on things like our appearance and our behaviors. Observing proper courtroom etiquette can help your case before it is even presented to the court. With so much potentially at stake in a criminal case, you cannot afford to risk making a poor impression on the judge or the jury. Furthermore, failure to observe courtroom etiquette can land you in even more trouble such as being held in contempt of court.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Facing a criminal charge can be an overwhelming thing to deal with. Being summoned in for a court appearance can really bring the full reality of this into focus. At Dickman Law, we are here not only to mount the most rigorous criminal defense strategy possible but also to provide you with the advice and support you will need to get through your court appearances. Contact us today.

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