Represented Horse Cave, Kentucky Man Accused of First Degree Murder

he facts showed that he was drinking and cooking out with a longtime acquaintance one night in Horse Cave, Hart County, Kentucky. After the two had consumed alcohol an argument ensued. When the fight was over the friend was dead, stabbed over seven times in the chest and thorax. Our client was charged with Fist Degree Murder, facing life in prison. Dickman Law Office commenced a thorough investigation into the case and concluded that the case looked more like self-defense that murder. Dickman Law Office filed a Motion to Dismiss and a Motion for a Probable Cause Hearing as authorized under KRS 503.055., KRS 03.080, KRS 503.085, arguing that the Defendant was immune from prosecution under a theory of self-defense. Although the self-defense theory was viable, and the facts supported it, the Defendant recognized the risks in going to trial After months of pretrial wrangling, the Defendant agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter, and agree do to serve seven years. The hard part about the case was that these two were friends. At the sentencing the Defendant wept openly in Court apologizing to the members of the victims family and saying that he missed.