Represented Boone County Man Charged With 1st Degree Rape

The “victim” was his estranged wife. She claimed that he raped her in their home. The evidence showed that over the years she had repeatedly warned him…”I’m gonna out rape charges on you!”. Dickman Law Offices commenced a detailed investigation into the accusations and all of the parties. The ”victim” was found to have told multiple, conflicting stories to police. Her stories didn’t match up with the physical evidence. For example, she claimed that the Defendant barged his way into the apartment, but the building was equipped with a security system that would have prevented it. When confronted with that fact she changed her story and said that she let him into the building. The Defendant also agreed to a confidential polygraph test. Based upon the conflicting testimony of the “victim” and the overwhelming amount of evidence contradicting the ‘victims” story, prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge to 4th degree assault. The Defendant was sentenced to time served and was released.