Represented 60 Year Old Woman in 2012 Accused of An Arson That Occurred in 1997

The case involved a 1997 fire at renowned and, allegedly haunted, Bobby Mackey’s Night club in Wilder, Kentucky. The Defendant was with her now estranged, and violent, husband at the time. He had left the bar in a rage that night and promised retaliation. With her in the car, and over her objections, he drove back to the club and lit it on fire using gasoline and some rags. Over her objections, he fled from the scene. They were both eventually arrested. She cooperated and testified at the grand jury on behalf of the Commonwealth Prosecutors. Mistakenly believing that they had dropped the charges against her, she moved to Indiana and started a new life. He was convicted and served 10 years in prison. Fourteen years later, she was contacted by police who advised her that there was a warrant out for her arrest for the incident and that she was being charged with First Degree Arson. After a long battle, Dickman Law Office was eventually able to demonstrate to the prosecutors that she was an unwilling participant, that she helped convict her ex-husband and that she had a good faith belief that all charges were dropped over a decade ago. The case was resolved through a diversion agreement where she received no felony charges and was able to move on with her life.