Police Chase Ends in Three Car Accident

On October 3rd, 2012, the community of Springdale, Ohio, was shaken when a police chase ended in a crash involving three cars and injuring three unsuspecting people. State Route 747 was temporarily closed while police investigated the crash. The suspect took off on foot after the crash, but was quickly caught and taken into custody.

Innocent motorists, in the wrong place; at the wrong time, resulted in potentially crippling injuries due to criminal behavior from one suspect.  Cars were damaged and lives were changed in an instant.

Recouping medical costs, lost compensation, and damages in car repairs, can be overwhelming.   Victims, of one man’s reckless behavior, need to seek legal guidance to insure they are awarded compensation to cover their losses.  A proven Personal Injury Lawyer can guide accident victims in making sure they take the necessary steps in the legal process of acquiring what they are owed.

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Source: wcpo.com “3 injured after Springdale chase ends in crash,” Oct. 3, 2012

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