Wrongful Death Lawyer in Covington, Kentucky

Losing a loved one as a result of another individual’s carelessness, neglect, or deliberate acts, only compounds the loss and emptiness we feel, especially when we consider all of the “what ifs.”  While financial compensation will never replace losing a loved one, it will ensure that other areas of your life, such as maintaining your home, standard of living, paying for medical expenses, and overall financial security will allow you to grieve for your loved one and move forward with your life.

Winning a wrongful death law suit may also provide you compensation for your loss in these additional areas:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of earnings (current and future)

We make every effort to resolve your wrongful death case without going through the court system; however, we do not hesitate to pursue fair and just compensation for you in court if the parties responsible for this life-changing event refuse to do what is fair and just.  Our commitment is to our client. We are not only their legal representation, but also their advocates through this emotionally wrenching time in their lives.

Personal Injuries that Lead to Wrongful Death

Whether your loss is the result personal injuries from a motor vehicle accident, a semi-truck accident, a work-related accident, or medical malpractice, we are considered experts in all areas of personal injury and wrongful death cases. We will not stop until we are satisfied that you are given what is rightfully yours.

Contact Paul Dickman Wrongful Death Lawyer’s today for a consultation, and give us the opportunity to evaluate your case, and become your legal advocates.

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