IRS working to crack down on tax fraud

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White collar crimes are different than many other serious crimes in that they are usually committed without the use of violence. However, the penalties for those who are convicted of a white collar crime in Kentucky and elsewhere may be just as harsh.

Last year, the Internal Revenue Service says they prevented more than $14 billion in tax refunds from being distributed into the wrong hands. The IRS is trying to crack down on tax fraud. This year alone they have already flagged 2 million tax returns to be reviewed.

The IRS says that tax fraud and identity theft is a growing problem. In 2008, there were close to 52,000 tax-related identity thefts. That number jumped to almost 250,000 in 2010.

The IRS claims that people who commit tax fraud do so by stealing people’s Social Security numbers. They say it is often done through organized groups that train people to steal other’s identities.

Despite what the IRS may think, is it possible that people are unknowingly committing tax fraud by making simple mistakes on their tax returns? Tax law is complicated and even filing a tax return can be confusing for the average person.

Individuals who believe they are being wrongly targeted by the IRS would be wise to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney can investigate a case and defend an individual against the charges.

Whether an individual is accused of tax fraud, embezzlement or money laundering, the legal system is complex. It is often best to work with an attorney who has a broad understanding of the law. An attorney can work on behalf of an individual and fight for a favorable outcome.

Source: The Detroit News, “IRS gets tougher on tax-return identity theft,” Erika Bolstad, Mar. 26, 2012

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