Driver airlifted to hospital after truck accident in nearby Erlanger

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A recent accident in nearby Erlanger shows just how devastating a truck accident can be. Around noon on Aug. 7, authorities were called to an accident along I-75 involving a car and two semi-trailers.

It appears that the driver of the car lost control and hit the center median before two semi-trailer trucks crashed into the car. The driver was thrown from the vehicle. They were later taken by air to University Hospital. Reports indicate that the driver suffered serious injuries.

The collision forced authorities to shut down the northbound lanes of I-75 for a time.

Semi tractor-trailers often weight as much as 80,000 pounds. Because of their size and weight, it is imperative that truck drivers remain attentive so that they are able to respond to changes in traffic.

As authorities investigate this most recent truck accident, it may be determined that one or both of the truck drivers was distracted. When a truck driver is not paying close attention to the road, they may not have enough time to stop.

People often sustain severe injuries in truck accidents. People may even die. Because of the severity of these types of accidents, it is often wise for accident victims and their families to consult with an experienced attorney. Working with trucking companies and their insurers can be difficult. An attorney will investigate an accident and work hard to get victims the compensation they are entitled to.

No one gets in their car expecting that they will be involved in a serious accident. Victims of truck accidents may require hospitalization, surgery and lengthy rehabilitation. Fortunately, legal options exist that may alleviate any financial burdens.

Source: The Enquirer, “Driver ejected in Erlanger NB I-75 crash,” Aug. 7, 2012

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