Personal injury case !

Paul Dickman is a outstanding lawyer that cares about his clients and what happens . He goes above and beyond to make sure your well informed all the way through the process and always gives the truth to you on what he thinks the outcome is going to be and what he can do for you as you lawyer . Not only does he do that Paul will fight long and hard for you to make sure you get every penny you deserve from your personal injury case . Before I met Paul I had a real bad experience with a previous lawyer and said to myself I was going to try and go at it myself but before I ended up doing that I needed to find a question out so I went to avvo . After putting the question I needed answered in avvo I had received a few message from several lawyers and I started looking at all the reviews and Paul Dickman stood out above all of them so I put my pride to the side and sent him a email Paul replied back within a hour and asked me to call him after talking to paul for 20 min about the bad experience I had received he asked if I would come see him and go over the case and if I felt that he couldn’t help me out that I could leave no hard feelings . I’m so happy I stayed and let him become my lawyer within 6 months Paul had settled my case with the other parties insurance company for the policy limits . Most cases like mine can last years and he had it all rapped up in 6 months and now he is going after my insurance company for the underinsured to make sure I get reimbursed for everything I have been through with my back injury from being rear ended . I would recommend Paul to anyone ! Paul is a hard working honest lawyer that really does fight for you my name is Roger and I would vouch for him and I will defiantly hire him in the future for anything that comes up in my life or my family and friends . Paul thank you for everything you have done for me I appreciate it more than you know and thank you for being professional and really listening to my concerns ..