I got Pauls information and phone number on Google and Avvo. I was shocked when I called the number that he answered the phone (majority of attorneys don’t do this, most won’t even give you their cell number). I told Paul that I needed an expungement and I knew there was a new law in Kentucky. Paul was already familiar with the new expungement law and asked me to meet him at his office. When I meet him he was very friendly, patient and explained the process to me and assured me that he could take care of it. After hiring Paul to represent me, I had a court date for expungement within 8 weeks and before I went in front of the judge Paul told me that it was all taken care of and not to worry about it, which it was. I now have my life back thanks to Paul. I want you to know every time I called or texted Paul he answered his phone or texted me back right away. The only thing I wish I had done differently is had Paul represent me when I was first charged, I truly believe it would have turned out much different. If you need an attorney, STOP look no further and call Paul before its to late. All attorneys are not equal!!