Look no further

Here in the USA on a green card, trying to apply for US citizenship. I was charged with a DUI in Northern KY. Didn’t submit to the breath test, and the field test video was showing pretty clearly I was not under the influence. Still a very stressful time – not being able to drive for over 3 months, worried that a DUI on my record would severely reduce my chances of getting US citizenship etc. I did not know of any DUI lawyer. Chose Paul after reading the reviews here. The reviews were very accurate. Paul is a great lawyer and a great person. If you want a competent lawyer, who also answers his phone personally, get Paul. He won my case. Got the whole thing thrown out. Paul has a great understanding of human psychology, understands the stress you’re going through and he is just great at what he does. So your stress is considerably lowered. Does not charge unjustified fees, not cheap, just reasonable and worth every penny. Definitely recommend!