I strongly recommend hiring Paul Dickman.

I was arrested and charged with some very serious charges in October 2018. Researching lawyers, Paul stood out as someone with experience in my area of need. Paul was up front and truthful about everything. I was potentially facing 10+ years in prison, but Paul assured me, this would not happen. Facing what, at the time, was a corrupt Prosecutor’s office in Boone County and a Florence Police department that refused to acquire exculpatory evidence that would prove my side of the story and clearly take the biggest charge against me off the table, Paul fought for me. He was always available and he was able to get me a deal with the court that was more than satisfactory, considering the very big hurdles in front of us. Three years later, my case has now been dismissed and next is getting my record expunged. Paul knows how the sometimes unfair system works and will do the job it takes to make sure you are not being punished for making a mistake and ruining your future. You need to hire Paul.