He really is that good!

I will start off by saying I really don’t like attorneys period. Paul is the exception. Our case is much different than most. It was a scenario of not knowing how the injury happened. It took almost a year to “connect all the dots.” Paul has worked very hard and did tons of research. He gave me advice that I didn’t really want to hear at times. But, hindsight he was right. Honesty and integrity go a very long way. Not once did he give up and gave encouragement to us when it was needed. He knows the law even in the “gray areas” that isn’t written clearly in the law books. I lost of ton of time and money hiring the wrong attorneys. I am glad I found this attorney at the right time. He actually thinks before jumping the gun and I can tell you some other attorneys don’t. Paul isn’t the cheapest attorney but when it comes to your life and your family- second best isn’t good enough. Paul is always responsive via text, email or phone. Over the last year or so; he has responded on weekends, late evenings and even early morning when others are still asleep. I could not imagine going through this tough time in our lives with someone else representing us- he truly does have my family’s best interest in mind.