I don’t have any reason not to rate Excellent in every catagory. Paul gave me more than a fighting chance, he gave me my family

I stumbled upon Paul Dickman just by chance during an ugly custody case. A new employee at my workplace had overheard my conversation with my then current attorney and recommended his “friend”. Desperate and skeptical I arranged a consultation.
My normal past experiences with attorneys went like this ” My price is $____ per hour, $____ per court appearance, $____ per everything else…so what’s your problem” Paul had a totally different demeanor. He took immediate interest, listened to me state my grievances, looked at the stack of paperwork I had compiled and by the time I had finished he had already discovered something the court system never caught…she had warrants!!

We eventually got around to pricing and Paul is not the cheapest but BY FAR the best value. His sales pitch was the best I’ve ever heard. ” A good attorney knows the law, a GREAT attorney knows not only the law but the judge, prosecutor etc etc” His personality immediately puts you at ease.

As a result of Paul’s work and research I won full custody of my two boys! We have been a happy little family for over 7 years, the little boys are now young men. His professionalism is unique and strong but his personable skills are unmatched in his field, over the past 7 years Paul had long forgotten the details of my case but had remembered my sons’ names! I will continue to use and recommend Paul Dickman for as long as I need legal services.