Christmas Miracle

On Christmas Eve, I was picked up on a fraudulent warrant. Kenton Co. Circuit Court had neglected to recall it. Once I was booked into the jail & able to make a phone call, I called my daughter & girlfriend & told them to call my attorney, Paul Dickman. They both seemed skeptical & being girls, they were hysterical that I was in jail on Christmas Eve. It was looking like it would be several days before I would get out because the courts were all closed.
To top it all off, Paul was on vacation on the other side of the earth in Australia. I told the girls to calm down & just call him, even though it was around 5am on Christmas Day where he was.
I waited patiently at the jail & about a half hour later I knew something was happening because one of the employees told me that my attorney just called. I’m still not sure exactly how he pulled it off but just as Campbell Co. was loading me into a car to take me to Kenton Co., someone came rushing out and said my paperwork came through and I was being released.
I was outside waiting when my girlfriend arrived to pick me up around 6:15pm. I’d been there less than 6 hours.
Paul spent the early morning hours of Christmas Day and his vacation from halfway around the world to make a Christmas Miracle happen for me & make the endless phone calls necessary to get me released.
He is hands down the best attorney I’ve ever had. I will definitely call him if I am ever in need again & strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.