Mild Concussions Can Cause Serious Injuries

New studies published in the Radiology journal indicate that patients who have suffered even mild concussions can exhibit brain damage that resembles patients with Alzheimer’s disease. This study is just more proof that mild head trauma can cause serious injuries that have lasting effects on their victims.

While the findings in this study are being review further, it appears that a mild concussion triggers specific progressive changes in the injured person’s brain. These changes may be indicative of the brain trying to heal itself, but resemble what has been noted in patients with Alzheimer’s. Understanding more about how the brain works, and heals, will help develop improved treatments for head traumas.

Personal Injury and Mild Concussions

If you or a loved one has suffered a mild to severe concussion, seek medical treatment immediately. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have proper treatment for any head trauma. While some open head injuries are quite obviously severe, a closed head injury such as a concussion, is much harder to detect, but no less severe. Your best hope of a full recovery is early treatment.

A personal injury attorney at Dickman Law Offices in Kentucky can help you recover damages from injuries incurred due to the negligence of someone else. Mild to severe concussions can occur from car accidents, slip and fall accidents, sporting accidents or any number of different scenarios. Get the medical help you need and hire the right personal injury attorney to recover the damages you will need to continue on your path in life.

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